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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Their fight was the one that attracted some teachers, probably the ones in the jss2 classes. They came and took the both of them to the Administration block. Me and Smith were lucky to have missed out, of course they weren’t going to mention our names; they were two main outlaws who believed in not ratting out no matter what. I went to my desk to nurse my wounds, I had a cut on my knee and my elbows, also bruises on my neck. My class boys came one by one with their “sorry” recitations, its funny how things change when big people are involved. Same people whom were blaming, shouting and threatening to beat me were now the ones coming to say sorry, I guess nobody wanted to be on my cousin’s Hate list and today had actually taught them that anyone against me was against Kelvin, the leader of the outlawz.
I was trying to stop the bleeding on my knee then, someone placed a tissue sheet on it to absorb the blood. I knew that hand it was Sharon’s. I couldn’t say nothing, just let her.”Its not deep, that’s a relief”. She said smiling up at me.
” says the doctor”. I teased and winked at her. I had forgotten about my plan or maybe there was no need for it anymore.
“Are you crying?” She asked and I was confused. I told her I wasn’t crying.
“Then what’s the tears for?”.
I didn’t even know that tears were dropping from eyes already, but it was normal for me almost anytime I fought I’d shed tears, I explained this to her and she nodded.
” sorry “. She said

” Yea, sorry too”. I said looking into her eyes, she smiled.
“Got a lot of nerves to stand up to Bully”. I said.
” you too, that was a lot of nerves to think you could match him”. She responded.
“I knew I wasn’t his match but.” I paused.
“But, what? “.

I wanted to tell her I couldn’t stand the sight of Bully laying his hands on her, which was the truth but, I didn’t think it was right to say that yet.

” I’m not scared of anyone”. I lied. I’m scared of so many people in my school and Bully was in the list too.

“You’ve to be scared of people Godson, if not everybody at least those that are monsters like Bully”, she said and I smiled.
” someone is worried about me”. I said and she laughed, while she was laughing I saw the red spot on her fair face, that was the spot bully slapped her. I hold her cheeks to have a clear look at it. She removed my hand after a while and asked that we went to the clinic to clean my knee properly but I refused.
“I thought you’ve cleaned it already?”. I said.
” yes with just tissue? There could be germs in it”.
“Well you just said its not deep, so I’ll be fine”. She gave me a weird look when I said that and I laughed.

Kelvin came in smiling like nothing had happened. He’s always been a tough kid since we were small. He came to examine my body.
” thanks to your Bully “. Sharon said to him. He left to his seat without saying anything, I knew he still had plans for bully but, didn’t want to say it.
Sharon kept arguing that we went to the clinic, she even got up to drag me along.
” yes?what’s going on there”. our business teacher asked and Sharon ran to her seat immediately. I didn’t even know when he came, well he was such a quiet man both in teaching, almost everyone used to sleep during his classes because of his dullness. luckily he wasn’t strict like the most of them. He asked again ait Sharon told him it was nothing serious and he started teaching.
School over that day, Bully left as soon as the school bell was rung, bet he was running from something. I walked Sharon to the park and we met with Miriam.
“I see you’ve made up so soon” she said as soon she saw the both of us, we both smiled.
“you see what I told you about my sister? I guess you’ve confirmed it”. she said to me and Sharon seemed lost.
” and what was that you told him?” Sharon asked. Miriam looked at me and I gave her the “do no say” sign.
“oh sis don’t worry about it. I guess made the right call after all right?”. she said and Sharon smirked.
” right call indeed, making people meet without their knowledge, that’s quite a trick “. we kept chatting and laughing, Miriam and I seemed to have clicked like we’ve known for a long time. I was waiting for them to enter their bus which was still loading. Kelvin came and told me they were about leaving. I bade them goodbye but Sharon insisted she would escort me to the gate, I didn’t fight it. she held my hand as we walked then someone called her back.
” hey madam, where to?”. the girl asked. we both turned. The girl was fair, not as fair Sharon and Miriam but you’d need not be told they were sisters.
“uhm I want to…..”. she signalled Sharon to stop speaking and enter the bus. Sharon hesitated for a moment then bade me bye, she didn’t look pleased as she left. I knew right there that she was the one they tagged headache. I ran out and met with my gang they all seemed to have gotten over what I did yesterday. of course Bully wasn’t present. I apologized to melody and he said he had already forgiven. we went home that day in silence.

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