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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 14
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When I was done talking, she didn’t say anything just smiled and started watching the little kids play.

Her silent made me think I was right after all. Her sister was just acting, I mean how would she all of a sudden start being close to me? I asked myself.
“So, you see am right after all”. I said to her, she looked at me and smiled, same smile with her sister that makes you believe everything they said were true.
” hey Godson, chill”. She said to me then stood up.
“You don’t know much about my sister, I’ll be right back and please don’t leave”. She left and I sat there watching the kids. Truth is if it was someone else I’d have left but, I really wanted know what she thought. She definitely would know more about Sharon. she came back in a short while with pancakes,she passed it to me and I took one then gave her back the pack.
” I see your family’s got a thing for pancakes”. I said after taking a bite from the delicacy. she smiled and gave me a weird look.
“what’s that?”. I asked confusedly.
“and you’re saying you’re not close to Sharon”. she said smiling at me and I in return frowned at her.
” never mind,thanks to mummy it’s specially baked by her everyday “. she said referring to the pancakes. That explains why it was Sharon’s only snacks in school, because our tuck shop doesn’t sell pancakes.
” you like my sister don’t you? ” she asked me. I know she didn’t expect me to answer that.

“see, I don’t know about this acting you’re talking about, but if my sister calls you her friend she doesn’t joke”. she said looking straight into my eyes. I hate it when her sister looks at me that way and now she.

“Miriam what’s it?”. a voice said, that was surely Sharon’s voice.
” oh sister, who’s now the glorious distracter huh?”. Miriam said and stood up, Sharon smiled.
“oh yeah? if only you didn’t call me out here”. Sharon said as she came closer.
“yep I figured you needed to be here too, but now I need to run back to class”. she said and started leaving.
” enjoy” she said to me jokingly and then ran out.
All this while I just watched the both of them,I didn’t understand what was going on, it seemed Miriam had just fixed a meet for me and her sister and I think Sharon knows about this. she came and sat next to me and we watched the kids together like before but, in silence this time. After a while she broke the silence.

“so, here we are”. she said spreading her hands.
” yes, now what?”. I asked
“Godson, what did I really do to you?” she asked in an apologetic voice and I laughed.
“I said it, that’s why we’re here huh?”. I said putting up a fake smile, she looked confused.
” that’s why you asked to meet here”.
“that’s what you really think?” she asked me.
“oh come on you asked Miriam to make us meet,so you could….”
“I don’t know anything about this, I didn’t even know you and my sister were so close already”.
” we are not”. I defended.
“oh really? cause from the way I saw you both talking, you looked like longtime friends”. she said and I lost all the words I wanted to say. we just stared at each other for a while then I spoke out.
” yes we are,at least she’s not a pretender like you”. I said to her face then stood up to leave and she held my hand, she stood up too and faced me.
“who told you am pretending? what am I pretending about?”she asked still holding my hand tightly. I didn’t want to tell her neither was she about leaving my hand,truth is I loved the way we were both staring at each other that moment. Her eyes were as charming as always, and I was lost in the moment. I was saved by the school bell; break was over. she left my hand and I walked backwards.

“you can stay here if you want”. was all I could say then I left. I went back to tuck shop to get some snacks unfortunately I was caught by the disciplinarian. he didn’t flog me, but my punishment was to pick dirts around the tuck shop. we had cleaners in school so I wondered why he’d ask me to do that, but I did it anyway.
When I got back to class, no teacher was around. Sharon was chatting with Smith. that dude seems not to learn, he wasn’t sitting on my desk this time, he was just leaning on top but, that didn’t go down well with me. I pulled him off with force and he pushed me, it seemed he was ready for a fight too. I punched him twice on his lip and he retaliated by punching my jaw, Sharon screamed. He threw another but I ducked and went for his legs, I lifted his two legs to hit him on the tiled floor but he held on to a desk. I was going to pull him from the desk when our class boy separated us. Samuel’s mouth was bleeding.They weren’t happy with what I did but I didn’t care they were all barking at me and I return barked back at them and anyone that stood at my face gets a push, I had completely lost it and I didn’t care about any of them. I had already pushed Bully before I realized whom I pushed. He grabbed me tightly on my neck and pushed me to the wall, his right hand raised to punch me then Sharon came and held his hand. She begged him to leave me but instead he pushed her and she fell down. that was when I realized how much she cared, she got up quickly and held him once more, this time he slapped her. That stirred my monster i threw punches at his face not minding where it landed, he caught my hands, one kick and I la!d flat on the floor. I tried getting up but he stamped me down with his leg he wanted to stamp on me again when someone shoved him off. It was my cousin, he hit bully’s face on the wall twice then punched him and he fell backwards, he rushed at him again and they started brawling. Kelvin and Bully were among the strongests in our class so, their fight was a big one as they disarranged the desks in our class it took some strong jss2 boys to end the fight.

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