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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I woke up that morning with a decision to avoid Sharon till my feelings for her returns to normal. Back to the normal routine, I prepared sluggishly for school, and also went to wait for my cousin. We got to school by minutes past nine, the school gate was already closed. Not unusual with us though, my cousin spoke with the gateman and he let us in through the small gate and we walked straight to our class like nothing happened. our maths teacher was already in class, gracefully he was solving a problem on the board when we sneaked in. I tiptoed to my seat ignoring Sharon who was looking at me. seems she was expecting a “hi” but she was getting non today. After a while she tried talking to me.
“late as usual, huh?”.she asked but I ignored her facing the teacher like I was paying attention.
“the attendance has already been written”. She informed me and I pretended I didn’t Care. Missing our maths teacher’s attendance was losing five marks in your C/A so of course I was worried.
” but thanks to me you’d need not to worry about it “. she said and I was relieved. she has this unique way of speaking English and so did her sister Miriam. I was supposed to appreciate her deed but doing that would only make her talk the more.
“can you be quiet for a moment? we’re learning”. I said rudely to her and faced the teacher. I didn’t Wait to see the expression on her face because I was already regretting what I said even before I said it.
” you’re welcome?”. She said and I didn’t hear any sound from her again till it was break period. she tried talking to me once more but I concentrated on my books i was arranging.

“Godson?”. she called but I didn’t respond.
” oh I forgot “. She said and started writing something on a sheet. I smiled inwardly, she really thought she’d get me this time. she dropped the paper on my desk, I picked it and read what she wrote.
” it’s break friend, care for some pancakes?”. I tore the paper into shreds and threw it away then walked out. she looked hurt by what I did. I went to join the Outlawz but I remembered we weren’t cool yet so I went to the Merry go round. I sat there and thought about my actions around Sharon, were they really worth it? yes it was supposed to help kill my feelings for her but it seems to be making me love her the more, else why should I regret my acts towards her this much?
“hello?” someone brought me back from my thoughts. she was waving her palm across my face, it was Miriam.
” I’ve been here for a while now, you seem lost or maybe lonely?” she said and winked at me.
“hey Mimi”. I said as she sat next to me. she smiled when I called her that.
” what’re you doing here alone, where’s my sister?”. She asked and I frowned immediately.
“meaning?”. I asked her.
” come on, I thought she is…”
“she isn’t”. I cut her short.
” what happened? “. she asked me. she wasn’t smiling this time, she had a serious look.
” how?” I asked her too pretending I didn’t understand her question.
“you can tell me”. she said and I knew she wasn’t playing games. She was the only one I felt like telling not because I thought she’d understand, rather because she wasn’t my Senior nor my mate which means she won’t judge me nor mock me. I smiled when I thought about this so, I told her everything and it was like confessing my sins to a priest.

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