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Sex Seduction - Season 1 - Episode 9
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One afternoon, for some reason, when Diane came home from school, she wanted to f--k me.

She had always been trying out all sorts of new positions and situations, so I guess she wanted to find out just how it would be to do a quickie in the living room. I noticed that she was wearing a skirt, so I sat down on the couch and got my d--k out while she took off her [email protected] and then just left them on the floor while she then gave my d--k a few good licks to get it nice and hard and slippery, and then got up on my lap facing me, and managed to get my big d--k all the way into her while I put my hands down on her bare bottom underneath her skirt.

We had just started to get going real good when Tina, one of her girlfriends, just walked right on in without even knocking. So I quickly took my hands off of Diane’s bottom, and I was really glad that Diane still had her skirt on because it hid what we were doing. But I saw that Tina looked very puzzled at us for a moment before I heard her ask, “What are you two doing? Are you kissing your dad?”
Diane replied, “Oh yes, I always kiss him when I come home from school.”

Then I heard Tina say, “I don’t know, but it looks like you are doing something more than just kissing though, because your [email protected] are on the floor.”

I then piped up, “Tina, will you please go on into Diane’s bedroom and leave us alone for a minute? Please?”

Because of this interruption, my d--k had very rapidly wilted and slipped back out of her. I knew that Diane was also really quite disgusted about the interruption as I heard her say, “Oh dad, I forgot to lock the door. Can we do this later?”

I replied, “Certainly.”

So she just sat there until Tina left. Then got off of me and put her [email protected] back on while I stuffed my wilted d--k back into my pants.
Diane then went on into her bedroom to see Tina.

A few moments later, I heard Tina ask again, “What were you doing with your dad in the living room?”

So Diane replied, “You promise not to tell anyone will you?”

“You know me. I’m your best friend. Remember?”

“I hope so. Well okay, I like to have daddy feel my bare bottom when he kisses me like that.”

I then heard Tina say, “Wow, you’re really lucky Diane. My dad never kisses me or does anything except holler at me. Do you think you could get him to kiss me like that?”

“I don’t know, but we can ask. Why don’t you take your [email protected] off and we’ll go ask him.”

I was just sitting there trying to look very nonchalant by reading the paper, when the two girls came back out of the bedroom. I then heard Diane ask, “Daddy, Tina’s dad never kisses her or anything, and she was wondering if you would like to kiss her just like you kiss me?”

I looked at them with a very surprised look on my face and mulled it over in my mind for a moment before I then asked, “Are you sure Tina wants to kiss me?”

“Yeah, she’s really envious of me for having such a real nice daddy like you, and she wants to have a little loving also.”

“Well, I guess its okay as long as you two don’t let this get out. You could get me in very serious trouble you know if someone finds out that I’ve been kissing someone else’s daughter.”

Tina then replied, “Oh no, I promise, I won’t never tell anyone.”

So I replied, “Well, okay, come on over and get on my lap. I guess Diane won’t mind if I kiss you a little bit. I really love kissing little girls.”

Tina was a very sweet little girl with reddish hair in a pageboy cut, and she was about two inches shorter than Diane and a little on the skinny side.

I heard Tina giggle as she got up on my lap just like Diane had been sitting on my lap when Tina came through the door.

I then heard her giggle as I gradually put my arms around her, and I felt her just melt right against me. So I got my head down and gave her a little kiss on the mouth, and I could even feel her arms trying to go around my neck as she kissed me back. We then looked at each other and I saw that she had a real big smile from ear to ear on her face as I heard her say, “More.”

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