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Sex Seduction - Season 1 - Episode 8
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​As she la!d there with her legs wide apart for me, I knew that when she was getting real sexually excited, her p---y lips would swell up and open up just like a flower while exposing every bit of the interior of her crack to me. There I could now see that small reddish opening of her v----a. So I put my tongue into her v----a as much as I dared as I heard her squeal and gyrate around, and that’s when I heard her say, “Oooo, that feels real strange! Oh! Keep doing it.”

As I kept on, pretty soon I managed to bring her on up into an o----m.

When I finally got through with licking her p---y for her, I heard her say, “Now lay down on your back daddy. I want to see if I can get your big hard d--k into my v----a.”

Of course I accommodated her, and there I watched as she s-------d me and then put a little lubricant on my d--k just before I saw her place my d--k at the entrance to her hole. She then took it very slow and easy, but I just la!d there and very excitedly watched as she gradually lowered herself down until she had my d--k all of the way into her.

But from what I now saw, it looked just like I was about to tear her apart but then, I heard her say that she felt very comfortable with my d--k now buried all the way up inside her.

As she sat there on top of me, her face had that look of sexual wonderment and excitement written all over it as I heard her say, “Oooooooo daddy, It feels just like you’re filling me all the way up inside me, and it feels really real good.”

With that said, I put my hands on her hips, and started to move her up and down on my d--k as I heard her squeal. But it wasn’t long before she la!d herself down on top of me. I guess she just wanted to feel her whole body against mine. So, as she la!d there, I grabbed her little bottom, and moved my d--k in and out of her while she just la!d there flat against me with her legs entwined around mine with the top of her head just bellow my chin.

It wasn’t too long before I heard her start squealing, and she even tried to match my movements for a bit just before I felt her freeze right on up into an o----m. But then, the contractions of her v----a against my d--k really surprised me as it felt like she was going to sq££ze my d--k off of me, and that it made me so hot that I finally climaxed and that’s when I felt myself explode all of my c-m deep inside her.

I don’t know why, but the enjoyment I had from f-----g my own little daughter seemed many times more enjoyable than anything that I had ever remembered before and that included my ex wife.

After we were finally all through, she just la!d there on top of me until my d--k finally softened and slipped back out of her.

I then saw her raise her head up and giggle as I heard her say, “Oh daddy, that felt really funny when your great big d--k shrank back up and slipped back out of me.”

Then as she la!d her head back down against me, I heard her say, “Oh daddy, I love you so much.”

I just had to reply, “I love you too sweetheart.”

Then I heard her say, “I also really love what we do together. It makes me feel so good and so nice all over.”

Then I had to say, “You made me feel real good and nice also. Even your own mother never made me feel that good sweetheart.”

So that was the start of my having sexual intercourse with my own daughter, and I found out that she liked it so much that she kept me literally worn out. It seemed like whenever she could get my d--k hard, she had it in her.

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