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Sex Seduction - Season 1 - Episode 7
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As the day wore on, I found myself again holding, cuddling, and kissing Diane – things that I had never done before because, to put it bluntly, I was afraid to. I guess that I really was afraid to be that close to her because of the chance that I just might get ourselves into what had just happened between us. But now, since it had now happened, we now seemed to be stuck together like glue.That evening, right after dinner, we had our first shower together.Of course, I let her decide all of what we did to each other, and I now found myself enjoying my daughter as never before. Also, it was the first time that I had ever washed her hair for her, and I realized all of the intimate fun that I had missed out over the years as I ran my soapy hands all through her hair and then all over her body. Then afterwards, having her sit on the bed in-between my legs as I combed and brushed it back into a flowing silky head of hair once again.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As the days drifted by, she continued to come to me wanting to have even more and more sexual adventures with me. So I did all the things that she wanted me to do in order to give her all the orgasms which she seemed to enjoy so well, and I found that she also really loved to play with my d--k. I guess it was because she didn’t have anything like that, and it seemed to be a real fun sexual toy for her to have fun with.Usually our little adventures would take place around bedtime, and also, sometimes even in the mornings if we had time. Also, she soon found out that she really loved to sleep with me – to be able to feel the comfort of cuddling up against me with my arms wrapped around her until she went to sleep, and she quickly did that on a permanent basis.From then on, the only time she ever went into her own bedroom was to get to her clothes or to play, and never slept in her own bed again.Before our sexual relationship started, I guess that I had kept my distance from her by never putting her on my lap or hugging her or anything that made any sort of body contact because, I guess, I was always afraid that I would be sorely tempted to try to do things to her.Since then, I have now been extremely intimate with Diane – not only sexually, but in all the other ways also. She loved to take showers with me, and I would wash her hair, and then, wash her whole body for her as she just loved the feel of my large soapy hands rubbing all around all over her whole body.After we dried off, I would set her on the bed and take quality time to comb and brush her hair until it flowed from her head like it did in the shampoo ads. Then sometimes I would even braid it for her. Then afterwards, she would just sit on my lap while I hugged and caressed her.I really loved her lovely long hair, and I took special care to make sure that it looked real nice all the time.I found that sexually, she was very excitingly different from my ex-wife or any of my other past girlfriends, and because of that, she kept me very well sexually satisfied although I hadn’t f----d her yet – probably even more so than my wife ever had. There also seemed to be a special freshness and variety about our sexual adventures with each other that only a child could dream up, and I made sure that I satisfied her every sexual need, and never denied her a sexual favor – even if I didn’t feel like it (Which was very very seldom).Of course, she very quickly got to know as much about sex as I knew, and, of course, she also knew about sexual intercourse also because I had told her all about it. She also knew all about her own hymen also because I had told her all about that when I had accidentally touched it one time and she had let out a yelp and had quickly found out that hymens in young girls were sometimes very sensitive.After her tenth birthday, she seemed to get more and more interested in sexual intercourse. But I flatly told her that I was not going to hurt her by trying to break through her hymen.I’ve heard her call it many times just a dumb piece of worthless skin, and of course, I had to agree with her. So I guess she quietly worked on it all by herself, and had eventually got it torn open.At first I had not noticed it because I had been very careful to avoid that area of her p---y until one night when I was getting ready to eat her out.

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