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Sex Seduction - Season 1 - Episode 6
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I replied, “Well honey, I don’t think we were ready before. That’s why. Also, remember that this is our very own very private affair. So don’t ever go mentioning it to anyone. Okay?”

“I understand. It’s kinda like you and mummy. Only now it’s just you and me. Isn’t that right?”

As I digested just what she had just said, her statement shocked me even more as I realized that I now couldn’t say anything more than, “Yes.” So I heard her reply, “I understand, I won’t.”

“Okay. Now let’s get dressed and have some breakfast.”

All during breakfast I was bombarded with questions and comments on how good she liked our newfound intimacy, and from the way she acted, I knew that I had done nothing really wrong with her, and she seemed now even happier than ever before.


All during the day, I had deep thoughts about Diane and me as I realized that I had now gotten into an incest affair with my own daughter which I had always understood was supposed to be quite wrong. But then, she seemed to have enjoyed it so much that I thought that it would be pretty darned hard for us to quit now – not that I really wanted to that is. I guess that I really had never before ever thought about having a father and daughter affair and so it had never even entered my mind until our little experience together last week. But now that it had actually happened, I continued to agonize over just what we had done as I relived and relived all of those real exciting e----c events over and over in my mind until I was soon just mentally worn out. But I finally had to come to grips with myself that Diane really wanted it and had actually enjoyed all of it with me. So, I eventually came to the decision to continue on with our affair, but do only those things that Diane really wanted to do and because of that, it seemed to have calmed me back down a little.

Of course, I knew that our little episode this morning would have a very permanent and a lasting effect on Diane. But I did know from her reactions from what we had done together, that it really was, most probably, a very good positive sexual experience on her part, and by her actions and comments later on, I believed that she was certainly very comfortable with it. Even the fiasco with my c-m. I knew that it had surprised the holy bejesus out of her, but in the end she had finally accepted what had happened and had actually enjoyed it, and even told me she wanted to try it again.

Now, that I had told her all of the basics of sex, and that she had now actually experienced a part of it, I knew that we would most probably now become – how should I say it? ‘lovers.’ So I now resigned myself to probably be playing that roll with her from now on. So I decided to just stop looking for another mate for the moment and just relax and try to enjoy my own daughter’s sexuality to its very fullest.

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