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Sex Seduction - Season 1 - Episode 10
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figured that she was probably just a little love starved. So I continued to kiss her as I felt her start to respond very passionately, and it seemed that the more I kissed her, the more she wanted to be kissed.

I guess that I sort of forgot who I was kissing, and my hands just naturally wandered on down towards her bottom. Somehow, her dress had moved up on her, and I was now really quite surprised that I was actually holding her bare bottom.

That’s when I realized that Diane had made up an excuse about her [email protected] being on the floor, and now her girlfriend wanted to try to kiss me without any [email protected] on also. Well, I found myself now in a very awkward position, because having this little neighbor girl on my lap kissing me without any [email protected] on was really quite dangerous. But then I could feel that I was now getting really sexually excited over it.

I knew that I shouldn’t have, but because her bottom felt so nice, I just let my hands go ahead and wander all over her bare bottom while we kissed. Then, as she seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing to her, I figured that she was probably also a very sexual little girl also – just like Diane.

Pretty soon, my fingers just migrated to her butt crack and I found myself eventually rubbing my finger all over her anus while I felt her squirming all around while she kissed me even harder. Of course, I didn’t want to let my fingers go any further in between her legs for fear of hitting her hymen and hurting her because I remembered of accidentally doing that to Diane once, and she had yelped.

After a while, when I thought she was ready, I lifted her up and placed her sitting sideways on my lap. Then as we kissed, I let my free hand migrate on up her inner thigh until I felt the side of my hand was just touching her naked p---y.

It was then when I felt her spread her legs real wide for me, and gradually, I felt my fingers started probing all around on her real soft p---y lips as she seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing to her while I could even hear her breathing become quite ragged, and I could even feel her trying to move her little bottom all around against my fingers.

Quickly, my fingers found her c--t. So I massaged her c--t just the way Diane liked it, and it wasn’t very long before I heard her let out some real funny noises and then froze right on up into an o----m.

I continued to finger her p---y for her until I heard her let out some more m0ans just before she went into another o----m. Then, as soon as I felt her start to relax, I took my hand away and just held her there against me.

To be continued

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Nov 10, 2018
This story makes me puke,how can you make love to your own daughter
Nov 10, 2018
this story is really getting interesting
that man is sure gonna regret this later
Nov 11, 2018
re u sure u re ok,hw can u write this knd of story
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