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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 14
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I got down from bed and started preparing for the task ahead. Getting to the bath room every where was filled up mhen see queue now, e just belike say everybody dey face judgement , the girls lines nai plenty pass cause dem even full come out from there lodge dey for lines. Trust we guys we no dey waste time, just two minutes we don come out and those of us wey no fit wait, we stay for outside bath, {as if wetin come concern us}. After bathing, i just ran inside i no even rob cream when i just jump into my pass out parade outfit and started putting them on. Dress properly and even over dress pass a bride wey dey go see her bridegroom for wedding. {haha no one tales time to dress well than a guy who wants to show off.}

after dressing i waiting for my guys who later joined me and off we went to the parade field, solo couldn’t march cause the necthog he took was enough to paralyse a lion.

So he just sat down at the other side of the field. I was very happy cause i will also be part of those show casting their marching skills. Though i’ve been or should i say i was fired from marching practice. You might be suprised how manage, how manage i get fired and yet still partake in the march pass. Let me take you on a flash back how it all happened


parade ground, training session. 8am
i was among those who were chosen to march but during the practice i wasn’t that perfect, so i was cast out like a demon. The next training session, i smuggled myself into the training squade again and was also cast out. Chai na which line thing be this? Abi my village people follow me come! . Later again i smuggled into the third training session and was cast out by provost elvis. Oboy unbea na today and i must partake o . I started practicing by myself and was near perfect. I decided to join again by smuggling myself in and it went well untill solo’s provost girl friend saw me and purposely cast me out indiscriminately.

I just fall out angrily and went to a nearby shade to sit down. I was still seating down when they all came to sit down after having trained properly. I just sat there without looking at them afterall na me first come sit down. Soon a provost came and started taking down names and luckily for me , my name was taken and my joy knew no bounds when i was called among those whe were partaking in the marching. Solo was shock as well as his girl who cast me out. God has help me out.


i smiled as i took my position and soon enough a triumpfu was blown to signify the start of PARADE.

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