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Added: Feb 03, 2018
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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 13
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i just watch as dem match solo out come tell am to go down, carry abi quick wan hit for head, time for pay back, one by one they started beating solo, the beating was so several that i have to plead for them to leave him. Solo was bleeding from both nose and mouth, and was gasping for air to the the point that i was even scared that he will give up the ghost. I pity him , he didn’t know that he just bit more than he could chew .

They later left the mother f----r and we all retired to our various rooms to sleep, the night was far spent. I just climb on to my bed and slept off.


i was standing beside a checking point when a vehicle suddenly swirl towards me and and jump out from the way before it could hit me and the next thing was that the vehicle quickly spin round and started chasing me, i ran as fast as my legs could carry me and it seems like the faster i run the slower i was going, i couldn’t run any more, i felt very weak, all my body weak and i was at the verge of falling but i manage to keep on running but soon i couldn’t even move again and i suddenly fell down , i was in pains and i look towards the direction of the vehicle , the vehicle was coming towards me with a high speed and it squash me


i yelled as i jump up from sleep, oh thank good heavens , it was a dream, it was a dream. Am alive, am alive. I just sank on my bed sweating profusely like someone who just completed 4000km marathon race. I was the word scared or should i just say more than the word scared itself. I relax myself look about and found my people in deep sleep. Thank God i did’t wake them up if not i would have entered one chance. I just fell back on the bed and continue my sleep but it wasn’t long when the alarm started ringing madly, i have no choice than to get ur from bed, yea today is POP , a day we were waiting for, a day we’ll leave this bloody camp, and day we’ll put on the uniform and be called officers. I smiled broadly as i started preparing myself for the great task ahead


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