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Added: Feb 03, 2018
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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 12
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Source: coolval22
standing beside solo was kate
now talking about kate , if you still remember when is said that solo was even dating a senior female provost , you’ll understand that that kate was the female provost he was dating. Talking about kate- she’s fair in complexion and tall with a very nice but not very much figure 8 shape. And na because of this girl self nai solo dey buy from senior officers , cadets and provost hands . The girl was a 2bar provost. Very strick and brutal. Me self even till now i still never divina how solo take toast her win. Mhen this solo na bad guy and i really fear am infact i carry yansh up for am o .

I was still lost in thoughts when i heard
“talk to me boy or are you deaf?”

i was like a what?, when did she even talk to me self! This girl dey carry person play o .

If to say nobi rank i for beat her black and blue for here show her say man still remain for we country

“excuse me ma, i didn’t hear your question”
“oh! Really?”

i just watch her wall towards me and raised up her hands like the god of thunder thor the son of lord odin when raising his powerful harmer to strike and the next thing i heard was a very thunderous “kpozaaaaaaaaaaa” non more chines laundery. Instantly i became deaf and dumb if possible blind also cause there were suddenly eclips all around me that i suddenly felt very sleepy and fell asleep.


I was on my bed in our hostel nursing my face. {the one that have played host to the osama bin laden’s slap. All my agenda for the hours of that day flush finish. The only thing i remember na POP but why always ROSa any other thing no dey? I Was still lost in thoughts when suddenly dave ask me if i wasn’t going to bring out my clothe and iron them against POP . I later got the hint and went to search my bag, brought out my white long sleeve and black khaki to match. . I put m the electric iron, thank God say light been dey that day evening.

I just finish all my stuffs come relax, just then dave come showc me wetin happen nai i tell am, nai dave vex tell everybody for hostel wetin happen nai dey match solo out, haha time to pay am back.

I just watch as dem raise sticks for air to strike am tab

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