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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 95
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Tito walked like a robot towards the scene and stood before them. Laura didn’t notice her presence and Deolu was too busy trying to get Laura to calm down that he didn’t see her. Tito rolled her eyes to the doctor. She advanced towards him until they were almost eye to eye. “Take me to my father” her voice was cold and distant, almost lifeless.
The doctor regarded her oddly, almost like he thought she was mad. “What father?”
“My father! Take me to my father now” she yelled.

“Tito” Laura suddenly noticed Tito and went to her, holding her hand as she wiped at her tears. “Tito, please calm down”
“No…” Tito let out a weird broken chuckle. “I am calm. I just want to see my father, where is he?” she demanded, glaring at the doctor. “Where is my father?” she yelled, her eyes filling with tears. As the doctor opened his mouth to get a word out, Tito shook her head. “He is dead right? He is dead too, isn’t he?” tears fell from her eyes as she shook her head.

Chris touched Tito. “Tito…”

Tito whirled round, seeing Chris only barely. “I told you… God! I told you… you said he wouldn’t die; now he’s… he’s…”
“I didn’t…” the doctor began.

“Who is dead?”
Laura turned, blinking away tears. Suddenly everyone was there – Gloria, Margaret, Teju, Chris – even Jane stood just inside the hospital door, she seemed frozen in place with little Tess in her arms, too scared to move closer. “Who is dead?” Gloria demanded again, looking pale as she charged forward. “Where’s my husband?” she demanded.

“Take me to my dad now, I need to see my dad” Margaret yelled about to cry.
“Would you all shut up?” the doctor suddenly boomed glaring at the people swarming around him. “Would you let me get a word out?” he exhaled when finally, everyone seemed quiet. “No one’s dead.” That seemed to get everyone’s attention.

Laura blinked.

“They are both alive” he finally announced. “… but barely” he added. “They are both in coma. One of them might just have a chance, but the other, the one who was driving, I am sorry but, his chances of survival are very slim. Shred of glasses from the car sliced into his body and though we have successfully removed all the glasses…” he sighed. “He is in really bad shape.”

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