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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 94
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A voice of reason told him that Tito hadn’t meant what she had said, that what she was going through was making her utter words that she did not mean. But everything that was sensible told him otherwise. He had never seen eye to eye with Tito. Every time he had a cause to stay within an arm’s reach of her, they always ended up arguing over one thing or the other. By every indication, she meant everything she said and even more. And he had no idea of what he had ever done wrong.

But as he watched her walk away, he muttered something under his breath. What on earth was he still doing there? Why on earth could he not drive away? It annoyed him more that despite it all, despite the insults and that stabs on his ego, he still noticed the hesitation in her steps as she drew closer to the hospital entrance. He noticed the slight pause in her strides; he noticed the tiny veins that became visible on the slender hand holding the bag. He was drawn to her pain, he concluded. Sympathetic perhaps.

With a small oath, he turned the car around in a full circle and backed into the parking lot. I would just go in to check on Laura, Chris concluded as he pushed out of the car, marching to the entrance of the hospital. With that thought came a slight frown. It was odd that he hadn’t exactly thought of Laura for the past hour. Well, putting up with Tito leaves little room for thoughts, Chris concluded as he walked on.

***** If only an iota of what she said to Chris was true… Tito moved into the hospital thinking she was the most unfortunate idiot that ever lived. She never should have said everything she just did to Chris, and the mere fact that she did, after all he had done for her today was beyond terrible. God knew if Chris hadn’t shown up to get her out of the hospital at the time that he did, she probably would be somewhere locked up in a mental ward. Everything from the past had flashed before her, fear had paralyzed her brain. She had seen it all again – Daniel being wheeled into the hospital in a pool of blood while she raced after the stretcher, grabbing the bloody hand which was so pale and cold. The nurses had forced her back, held her back while they wheeled him away. His blood had been everywhere. On the floor, on her clothes, in her head. It took being in this hospital to see it again, like it had only happened yesterday. And if Chris hadn’t shown up and tactically got her out, she wasn’t sure of what would have happened.

He had been terrible; humiliated her beyond measure by hurling her over his shoulder, but weirdly, she had been touched by what he did. Touched that he would go that length, risk her fury all in the bid to protect her. She never should have paid his kindness with those cold words, but that was exactly what she did. And she knew why she had said those things to him. She knew why she had always been hard towards him. She knew why he was intentionally shielding him from getting too close to her. She was protecting him… protecting him from the evil that was her.
All thoughts of Chris faded as the door of the hospital opened and she pushed in. The smell assailed her senses and she tensed, closing her eyes briefly. You can do this, she told herself. The effect was not as strong since she had entered the hospital just few hours ago. The first is always the worst. Taking a deep breath, she took few steps, scanning the numerous faces for Laura. Then she froze.
Alarm bells went off in Tito’s head as she saw the scene before her. She saw Laura quite alright, but she wished she didn’t see her. She frowned deeply, taking slow steps towards the scene ahead of her. Her heart raced and she felt a familiar chill overtake her as she watched Deolu struggle with a crying and gesticulating Laura. An elderly doctor hovered over them, looking impatiently down at them through his recommended glasses. She could barely make out Laura’s words above the screaming in her head.

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