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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 93
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Chris glanced at Tito and back at the road. Mouth set, clenched fists, veiled eyes staring out of the window… Perfect! Chris thought. He had surely overdone it this time. Of course, she would be angry; who wouldn’t? He never should have hurled her over his shoulder like a bag of unwashed rags; where had the idea come from anyways? He couldn’t believe he had done that. But it was surely the challenge he had seen in her eyes, the unmistakable dare, testing his limits and capabilities. He had enjoyed the feel though, Chris thought with a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Her soft flowery perfume had drifted so gently into his nostrils. Her punches, well-aimed had carried surprising force, he was fairly sure his back was a little sore. When he had dropped her on the passenger seat of his car, he had half expected her to jump out, hit him, slap him or rain curses and on him but instead, she had gone mute; she had been mute all through the way back to the hospital.

At first, Tito had been fuming with anger. It showed in the set of her face, the tightness of her closed lips, the fisted hands propped on her laps… But as they went on, moving closer to the hospital, some of the anger seemed to dissipate as she resumed the posture she assumed on their journey from the hospital – looking out of the window.

Perfect! Chris thought again. He had chosen the perfect time to get her angry. Just when she didn’t need the extra tension, he had gone ahead to infuriate her with his alter ego. He knew if he had talked to her calmly, sensibly, made her see the folly in driving to the hospital, she might have given in to him, but what did he do instead…

They arrived the hospital without a single exchange of words. Immediately Chris pulled up in front of the hospital, it was like Tito was released from a spring. She grabbed the bag containing her father’s clothes and turned to the door, ready to flee.

Chris’ hand shot out instantly, grabbing her hand before she got the door open. “Wait” he hastened. With her back to him, Tito shot Chris a look. “Listen, I’m sorry, okay?” Chris said. “What I did was stupid, I know, but what would you have me do?” he gave a slight shrug. “You were not in the right frame of mind and you know it”

Tito slanted her head. Chris’ smile turned cocky. “Besides, I got my fair share of punishment; you were a lot heavier than I anticipated” he joked.

There was a brief awkward moment where Chris smiled at his subtle joke and Tito glared in response, not seeing the humor in his statement. With a sigh, she turned towards Chris fully. Her eyes were cold and unreadable as she looked straight into Chris’ dark eyes. “Leave my hand” her voice finally clipped icily.

Chris’ hand snapped away instantly. He did not even notice that he was still holding her. Her voice had been so cold when she spoke and he could see that she wasn’t done yet. “What are you doing?” she asked with a small frown. “We are not friend” she stated emphatically, looking into his eyes. “We are not friends, we were never friends, we would never be friends. Know why?” she raised her brow. “I hate you. I always have, always will. Now, I know you want to come in” she said with a strained smile. “Come in if you want, the hospital is a public place. But don’t pretend you are coming in for me. I don’t enjoy being lied to as much as you enjoy lying to yourself”

With that, Tito opened the door and pushed out, slamming the door.

Anger welled up in Chris as he watched Tito walk away towards the hospital building. His hand clenched around the wheel as fury burned bright in him like he had never felt before. His self-control was one thing he prided himself with but time and time again, Tito always irked him till he was almost spitting fire.

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