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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 91
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I woke up the next morning feeling a little bit sick. I had headache, my mouth was bitter, ugh, my head was spinning. I just walked to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, and took some painkillers, hoping it’ll subside. I brushed my teeth, put on my clothes for my morning exercise. Though I didn’t wake up early and I’m feeling dizzy, I’m not skipping my routine.

I took my phone, and my earpiece. Unlocked it with the mind of playing my music and heading off for my jog. I saw 13 missed calls. Yeah, you guessed right. Ovie! I was still a little bit angry but I was worried too as at yesterday, but now that she’s tried to call, it means she’s alive, so it’s back to being only angry. I just kept the phone in my pocket after arranging the songs I wanted to play. I started jogging and twas like the pain was reducing. Then after I had gone like 5 to 6 blocks, severe headache kicked in. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me I couldn’t continue, so I just jogged the way back home, after putting off the loud jam in my ear, that must have increased the headache too.

I got home and went straight to take a shower. It was freezing as hell, so I turned the heat up. When I was through, I went to lay my head on the bed, lemme rest small. I thought of it and decided I’d just skip all activities for the day. I think this might just be stress, serious stress telling on me.

I didn’t know when laying my head turned to sleep, and I woke up two hours later around 11am to the sound of my ringing phone. D--n, I’m so weak. And the headache increased ten-fold. I picked up the phone and just placed it on my ear without checking who’s calling.

“hello” A familiar female voice sounded from the other side. I weakly replied “yes who’s this? ”
“Dave, are you okay? You don’t sound okay. Or are you still pissed because of yesterday. I’m sorry please, I can explain” She’s the one.

“I can’t talk about that now Ovie, I’m not feeling too good. ” I tried to raise my voice, but it still gave my lack of strength away.
“where are you, I’m coming over ” she said sounding Alarmed.

“no, you don’t have to do that, I’ll be fine, nothing a good sleep can’t solve” I defended.

“I guess you’re home then” She said and cut the call.

I knew she’d be on her way. This one I’m sick, how can I act angry now? Mtcheew. I weakly got up, went to take a wiss and clean my face with water. I got back to my room and just decided I should go to the sitting room and just sit down. Less than 5 mins later she was already inside my house, don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t have a key, I mean why in the world would she have a key? It seems I was so focused on getting a bath earlier I forgot to lock up. Thank God say nor be Sharp guys come find me oo, if not, dem for don beat me on top my sickness, and dis one wey I fine small so, maybe dem for Don rape me self ??

She got in and started acting all concerned, asking me what’s wrong and all that. In my current state I even forgot about my plan to act angry totally and started saying it’s just headache, but she came closer and felt my temperature and literally screamed “oh my God! You’re not well D.(she calls me that sometimes?) We need to get you to a hospital right now. I’m coming lemme call my cab man to help get you up.”

“no! No hospitals. Just get me some medicine from the chemist along the street ” I stubbornly insisted, and coughed afterward, a very strong one at that. She just shaked her head and said, “you must be joking ”

Before I know what was happening, she had already called up a doctor and requested him to come over and said she’d send him the address. This girl is just something else, she is very respectful towards me and doesn’t like overturning my decisions, but inside life, she still does what she wants and gets me a doctor, after all I said no hospitals, lol.
She sat close to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. She suggested I lay down and said she wants to go and get some water and a towel so she’d use to bring down my temperature. She said everything will be alright and I’ll be better. I could sense she really cared for me, but I don’t know if it transcends into romantic feelings.

She came back with the towel, did what she said she was gonna do and continued to mention from time to time that my temperature was quite high.This is a princess oh, but the king’s daughters are not like most princesses, though they have their moments of acting up. After this she began to ask me some questions, when did it start and all that.

The doctor arrived and he’s a middle aged man, little bit handsome, but was dressed casual, and unlike most doctors, he wasn’t putting on glasses, so you can’t even tell he’s a doc without him telling you.

He brought out of his box a malaria test kit.

He did the test and said I have a 2 plus malaria. It was so surprising because I have all the measures and counter measures against mosquitoes. But those guys are very stubborn. He administered an injection, and wrote down a prescription and gave to Ovie, and said I’d be okay soonest and advised that I finished all the drugs even if I get better before finishing them.

We thanked him and he left. Ovie asked me if I had eaten something strong that morning and I just simply shaked my head sideways and said I’ve not had anything to eat. She scolded me seriously for not eating and for not telling her about it sooner. She left to get the drugs and came back in 10 mins time , also with a polythene bag, which I knew would be food. She brought out the food and it was beans and plantain. Ohh, this girl knows me so well. Beans and plantain is the only food I can eat anytime anyday. If she had brought rice, Nah, I for nor too eat.

She began feeding me and I was shy at first, which she noticed and just smiled, but I threw away the shyness and began eating well. I finished everything and she began asking if I really was sick, teasing that sick people don’t eat so much food.

I took my drugs, and lay down. I slept off once more. I woke up around 5pm. This time ,the headache wasn’t as severe. I got up and scanned around but I couldn’t find Ovie. Guess she must have gone to school. I entered the bathroom to do my business, came out and there she was sitting in the spot I had gotten up from.

“hey sleepy head” she said smiling, d--n this girl is smoking hot. She was in a different outfit from the one she was putting on earlier. Now she’s on a short, and putting on a T-shirt, and she has her hair twisted and tangled facing upwards. She’s so gorgeous, even without make up and elegant dress.
“Hey, I thought you must have left by now. Or didn’t you have plans?” I asked.
“don’t be silly, I couldn’t leave you all alone for so long. ” she replied.

I smiled and thanked her a lot for all the help she gave and leaving everything just for me.
“but you know we still have to talk about yesterday. Why did you not show…….” she interrupted me and said

“That can wait, you still have to eat. You slept for so long , and you need to take your medicine. ” After saying this she left to the kitchen, in a hurry though..

I guessed she was in the kitchen when I woke up.

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