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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Her lids closed on her heavy eyes as her head pounded wildly. She felt the weight of Deolu’s eyes on her back but she had no more words. “Please leave” she mouthed. “Please” Her brain was as vacant as her heart had suddenly become. Nothing made sense anymore. All she wanted was to sleep and never wake up, but she doubted she would be sleeping anytime soon.
Deolu finally moved when he had not even the slightest idea of what to do or say. He pulled the duvet carefully, his heart twisting painfully as he watched Laura jerk slightly when his hand brushed against her. He settled the duvet around her shoulders and straightened without her making the slightest sound.

So much had changed within such short span of time and he had only himself to blame for it. He longed to kiss her and hold her in his arms; but he had welcomed a coldness, one which he had never experienced before. It was only fair that he danced to the tune of his own music. His house would never remain the same again. He had broken their vows and broken the marriage along with it.
With a long final look at the one who held his heart, he walked out of the room. His heart was broken, it was only terrible that he did the breaking. Time to face the other person he’d hurt so deeply – Teju.

Laura watched the door close as fresh tears ran down her eyes. She raised her aching head and pushed her hand under the pillow. She pulled back her hand and stared at the gleaming sharp edge of the knife in her hand with tears streaming down her face.

The painful betrayal was just too much for her to bear. With a resonated sigh, she closed her eyes and brought the knife down.

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