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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 82
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His mother swallowed. “You can put the entire blame on me; I forced Teju to do it”
“Or you didn’t force her at all” Deolu’s gaze penetrated Teju’s as something dawned on him. “Maybe your ambition have just led you into accepting someone else’s grandchild”
Teju gasped.

“What? Something did happen between you and Tito’s father didn’t it? Maybe it’s what resulted into the child you are carrying. That’s probably why you went along with my mother’s wonderful plan, right? I wouldn’t put anything past you now” Teju looked so pale now.
“Of course not, she wouldn’t” Mrs. Aderigbe gasped out.

Two pairs of eyes peered at Teju. Deolu’s eyes carried something dangerously close to hatred and his mother’s eyes held worried speculation. Teju’s hands shook feverishly and she looked around in desperation. “You should leave” she managed to gasp. The chair she leaned on tipped and she stumbled as she tried to remain upright. Pain shot through her and she blinked rapidly. She vaguely noticed how Deolu’s hand stuck out to steady her before he held it back.
“Explain what he is talking about, Teju” Mrs. Aderigbe demanded.

Teju shook her head. Restless, she shifted. “Please, leave… leave me alone” her voice shook.

“We are not leaving until you explain what is going on. Who is the father of the child you are carrying, Teju?” Deolu’s mother demanded furiously.

“Nobody. The child is mine, okay… Mine” Teju yelled shakily. “I already told you the child is for Deolu, what you choose to believe is not my business anymore.” She rubbed at her tears as she gripped the chair, crouching as pain covered her face. “Leave my house now, both of you” she managed. “Leave” she yelled.

Deolu looked murderous as he turned, storming out of this room. He needed to walk off his frustration, or jug it off, or find a gym with a punching bag. He gritted his teeth. Why on earth was Teju even furious? She had no right to be furious, blast it. His phone rang out as he walked out of the compound to his car. Swallowing his anger, he dipped his fisted hand into his pocket and grabbed his phone. He glared at the screen for a few seconds before picking up. “What” he barked.
“That’s not the kind of reception I expected from someone who hasn’t heard my voice for weeks” Chris’ voice came out softly with a bit of strained edge.

“One doesn’t jump for joy at the call of betrayers”

“Oh! There’s definitely been a change of status” there was a smile in his voice now.
Deolu was in no mood for this. “What do you want?”

There was a brief silence. “It is more of what Laura wants” Chris said. “She needs you now”

Deolu stilled. There was that stiff note in Chris’ voice that was always there when something was very wrong. Laura had left so early in the morning and he hadn’t been able to reach her since then. Could something have happened to her? Teju and his mother were all but forgotten as beads of sweat formed on his brow. “What’s wrong with her” his voiced.

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