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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 81
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Teju’s strained breathing could be heard audibly in the room. It was the only sound in the room as Deolu stared hard at her, an incredulous look in his eyes. It felt like he had just fallen off a cliff and hit his head hard. “Who the hell are you?” he finally gave voice to the question ravaging his head because he could not seem to put together the woman he had loved so dearly as his closest female friend and the woman standing before him. They had to be two different people. stories

“Deolu…” her breathing came out labored. “Please… please let me explain”
“Oh, you’ll explain” Deolu boomed. “Tell me what I ever did to make you play me for a fool” Teju cringed at Deolu’s words. “You connived with my mother to… to destroy my marriage? Are you serious?” Deolu bellowed as he stared, still unable to believe what he had heard. Tears sipped out of Teju’s eyes as she bit her shivering lips. Once upon a time, those very tears would have brought him to his knees but not now… certainly not Sacrilege he could see was this blind rage that clouded his eyes and senses. “So, you were having fun, right? Surely, you were laughing yourself to sleep thinking of how ‘stupid Deolu’ fell into your trap”
“No… no never” Teju sobbed.
“Oh, stop the tears of pretense! This was the same way you cried that night, remember?” Deolu’s eyes turned black with fury. “The same way you cried all over my shirt that night, telling me of how a man broke your heart and how you felt like less of a woman” his hands fisted beside him. “So, it was all lies? It was all a game plan to get me into bed with you and get my mother her trophy grandchild?” his voice tipped to quiet wonder. “and to think I beat myself up every day thinking I took advantage of you and destroyed your life, not knowing I was just a dice being tossed around” the analysis was like acid in his blood. He had never felt so pathetic in his entire life. It was one thing to know he had made a silly mistake, another thing to know that he had been manipulated into it.

Teju sobbed. The chair she gripped tipped dangerously to the side as she edged her weight on it.

“I always wondered what my mother would have done to convince you to thrash our wedding anniversary and impose yourself in my house. But she didn’t need to convince you, did she? My God, I’m so stupid.” “What did she promise you, uhn? What did you gain from destroying the friendship I thought we had and destroying my marriage?

“You are scaring her, son”
“You stay out of this” Deolu shot at his mother, giving her a look rife with disgust. “God, you’re good. You’re so good. I think I have seen the worst you have to offer and then boom, you surprise me again and again; you really have no limits”
Mrs. Aderigbe squared her shoulder, giving her son a steady look. “Believe it or not, I did it all for you. Someday, you would thank me for it”

“Well, I might as well thank you now. You did a good job of destroying my life; over and over again, you should be proud. You deserve some accolades.” Deolu mouthed. “It is no wonder you always wanted me to marry Teju, she is just like you. It’s a wonder I never noticed it.”

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