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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 80
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“When you wouldn’t give me a grandchild, I begged Teju to sleep with you. That’s why i… I picked came to your house that night and picked a fight because I knew you would storm out of the house the way you always did whenever you need a release from your anger.” Deolu stared at his mother in wide-eyed wonder. “then, when you were out of the house, I called Teju and told her to call you…” her voice trailed off.

Deolu’s eyes stared hard at his mother in stunned disbelief, and then slid over to Teju. “Wow” he gasped. He remembered that night all too well. His mother had raved on and on about the childless state of his home that he had been so angry, he had stormed out of the house. He had thought he would do the usual, drive round Lagos until he was completely exhausted, but then, Teju had called. She had sobbed over the phone, pleading with him to come over to her place. So worried, he had gone over to meet her, and then, when he got there, she had been in nothing more than a flimsy red nightwear. She had cried and cried in his arms, lamenting how she had caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman. God! How was he to know it was all scripted? He wondered, gazing at the two women. But she had known his weakness – tears. When she had kissed him and he tried to pull back, she had clung to him, crying and saying just how much she felt like less of a woman. Unable to stop himself and coupled with the added frustration from home, he had given in that night.

He had blamed himself ever since for not being strong enough. For taking advantage of Teju when she was vulnerable. How was he to know he had just acted his part of a well-scripted movie?


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