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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 78
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The taxi screeched to a halt and her eyes snapped up. “We’re here” the taxi driver said in a calm tone. His eyes held a slight hint of compassion. Tito swallowed, paid the taxi driver and alighted. The taxi pulled away behind her but she stood rooted to where she was, staring at the magnificent building ahead of her. Hospitals! It has been so long she went into one. It had been so long she had been inside this particular one. But it did come inside her… plague her dreams until she woke up, sweaty, the stench of blood stung to her nose. Her heart slammed in her chest as she took cautious steps into the hospital. As the familiar door opened for her to enter, the smell of hospital washed over her and she clenched her fists as memories she had tried really hard to put away flooded her mind. The waiting room was swarming with people which swarm as she looked at them through teary eyes. She searched desperately for familiar faces, needing someone to keep her glued to sanity.

She turned at the sound of Laura’s voice and saw her hastening towards her. Her eyes looked swollen from the tears that were still obvious in her eyes. God, no… not tears… “Oh, Tito” Laura m0aned immediately she got to Tito and pulled her into her arms.

Tito pulled back, searching Laura’s eyes. “How… how is he? Is he alright?” she looked round the hospital, turning restlessly. “Please, tell me he is alright?”
Laura swallowed. “The doctors are attending to them”
“But he would be alright, right?” Tito’s eyes returned to Laura and Laura froze, realizing what was going on as she noticed Tito’s pale face. She touched her hand and alarm bells went off in her head. How could she have been so stupid? she never should have made Tito come here.
“My God, Tito, you are so cold. You should go”

“No” Tito shook her head. “No, I have to see him” her voice shook as she started in a particular direction. “I need to see my dad”
“Tito… please, calm down” Laura rushed after her, grabbing Tito’s hand, trying to stop her. She had seen this before. How had she not known it was a bad idea to have Tito inside this particular hospital?

Laura turned and saw Chris approaching, his long strides eating up the distance between them. She gripped Tito’s hand tight, not willing to let her go. Chris was by her side in seconds and he gazed at the two ladies, concern written all over him. “Hi. I just heard what happened. Any news?”

Laura shook her head. Her throat felt heavy with fear that she tried hard to hide. She wanted to cry, wail, until she fell into a mindless sleep and woke up to find out that it had all been a terrible nightmare. “No” her voice shook as she shook her head.
“It’s my entire fault…” Tito started, her eyes flooded with tears she magically kept at bay by blinking consistently. “He called me… he called and called but i…” she raised her hand to her mouth. “if anything happens to him…” her voice shook as she shook her head.

“Nothing is going to happen to him” Chris said but Tito only shook her head.
“That’s what they all said the last time” her hand shook and this time, a tear drop succeeded in slipping past her lids. The hot liquid slid down her cold cheek and she dashed it away almost instantly.
Laura shifted helplessly. “She can’t stay here” she told Chris.

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