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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 77
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Mrs. Aderigbe approached carefully. “How was she to tell you? You were her gift. Her husband left her because she could not give birth to a child, when she found you; you were her only source of happiness and comfort. Many times, she wanted to tell you but I stopped her because I knew what it would be for her if she lost you”
“Of course, you stopped her” Teju yelled, her eyes watering up. “typical you. You just have to be the reason for every bad thing, right? I deserved to know. My mother should have told me the truth but she didn’t. how am I supposed to deal with so much in my life?”

A loud knock vibrated the room and Teju stalked towards the door, pulling it open without even asking to know who it was. As the open door revealed the person behind it, she paled. “Deolu” she gasped.
Deolu peered down at Teju, noting her pale state. If he had only looked more closely, he would have noticed the tears in her eyes. His eyes shifted from her and landed on his mother, just inside the room. His eyes clouded with fury and resentment. “I see we have a full house” he mouthed. His eyes rotated from Teju to his mother, not at all pleased to see them together.
“Erm… your mother just stopped by to see me” Teju managed, moving out of the way to let Deolu into her apartment.
“Of course, she did” Deolu muttered, his eyes on his mother as he moved into the apartment. Mrs. Aderigbe held his gaze firmly. “hello mum”
“Wondered when you would finally remember your manners” Mrs. Aderigbe said with a cocky smile. “I should be leaving now, you won’t have to put up with me for too long. I just brought your child’s mother some fruits.”

Deolu nodded without a trace of smile on his face. “Yes, about that…” he turned to Teju. “I think you might need to explain something to us, Teju” he said, frowning at Teju. A lot had changed in Teju that made Deolu wonder if he actually knew much about her. She had been so close to him, the closest female to him asides Laura, but Deolu was tempted to think there was more to her than he actually knew.

One look at Deolu’s face and Teju already knew what was going on. Her heart slammed against her chest. “Explain what?” she managed, her voice came out weakly.
“Who is the father of your child, Teju?” Deolu finally asked.


“It’s fine… Everything is fine. It is just a minor accident. You’d see, when you get there, he would already be up on his feet.” Tito twisted her sweaty palms in her lap, her legs moving restlessly as she chanted the words. It helped to say those words; maybe by saying it over and over again, she would come to believe it. The taxi driver glanced at her using the mirror as she fixed her eyes on the road. She blinked away the tears that stung her eyes and ran her sweaty palms over her face. Nervous, she shifted. “Can you go faster?”

“It is better to arrive late than to be late” he glanced back at Tito. “Calm down girl, you are no use to the person if you also land on a hospital bed. We are almost there”

Tito swallowed, looking away. The last sentence stuck to her head. She wanted to get there as fast as possible, but a part of her was scared. She was scared of what she would meet there. Several years ago, she had chanted these same words. She had told herself that it would be fine, but… her lips shook and she bit them hard, covering her mouth with her knuckles. No, she wouldn’t cry. Tears meant something bad had happened and no, that was one thing she didn’t want to accept.

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