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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 76
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Lukman frowned at Deolu. “Me I just dey tell you wetin I hear o, I no know anything o”
No! he certainly couldn’t be implying that… that… Deolu’s face paled. The night he slept with Teju flashed in his mind, making his brain freeze for a moment. What if… “God no…” Deolu gasped as he turned, his strides quickening with each step.

“You dey go?” Lukman asked but Deolu barely responded as he marched out of the compound. He got into his car and zoomed off.


Chris scrolled through the contact list on his phone until he stopped on Deolu’s name. his finger hovered over the name for brief seconds until he gave up and dropped the phone on his office table. He exhaled and raked his hand over his hair. He missed his best friend, much more than he wished to admit to himself. And now, with his parents giving him the heat about getting married, he needed something that would take him mind off it all. He could claim to have a mind of his own, but when African parents decide to have their way, there is little a man can do.

He really needed Deolu now. He missed their friendly chatter, well aimed innocent insults, he missed that bond he shared with Deolu that he didn’t share with any other male friend he had. Ever since Wale had advised him to pursue Laura, he had distanced himself from him. Wale might have been right about Chris’ feelings for Laura but his advice had told him clearly that Wale wasn’t the type of friend to have around. A part of him could not but wish things hadn’t gone sour with Deolu’s marriage. Miserable as he had been, watching the woman he loved dearly with his best friend, he had had a bit of satisfaction in knowing she was with someone who loved her enough to make her happy – someone who deserved her love. Seeing her happy had made him happy, and oddly, he was glad she was with Deolu and not any other man.

Now, he was still mad at Deolu for hurting Laura but no matter how much he wished otherwise, his principles would not allow him pursue the wife of his best friend. Because that was what Deolu remained – his best friend. And he needed him now. He needed him to tell him what to do. or maybe they could go out and have fun, forget all that was plaguing them just like old times. Even if it was just for a while. He had to admit that he hadn’t really been himself since the entire incident with Laura and Deolu started. He was just as affected as they were.

Chris surged forward, grabbed the remote of the small flat screen on his office wall and switched on the TV. He changed the channel until he got to a news channel and his eyes caught something. His eyes stuck to the TV screen as he read through the headline. “Oh my God!” he gasped out and surged out of his chair, grabbed his phone and his car keys and rushed out of his office. He made a quick stop at his colleague’s office and asked him to cover for him. With that, he dashed out of the company.


Teju was as pale as sheet as she watched Deolu’s mother. Her eyes were as large as saucers. “No! there must be a mistake somewhere. I can’t believe this, I just can’t” she muttered, jumped out of her chair and started pacing.

Mrs. Aderigbe looked at Teju, her faced laced with worry. “You need to calm down, you shouldn’t stress yourself”
“Don’t tell me what I need” Teju snapped. “You don’t care about me; all you care about is the child in my tummy”
Mrs. Aderigbe shifted. “Don’t say that”
“Why? The truth is too bitter for you?” Teju’s eyes flashed. “Well, it doesn’t seem bitter enough since you and my mother couldn’t see it fit to tell me the truth all these years…” she chuckled slightly, bitterly. “Oh, that’s right, she isn’t even my mother”

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