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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 75
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Deolu had made a quick stop at his company, partly because it had been a little too early to be visiting Mark – someone he hadn’t seen for few months now, and partly because he had to sort out some business dealings. Boss or not, there are times you just have to make an appearance and out things in their proper shapes – especially when you are the boss. It was the second time he had popped into his company since the entire saga started. But even at that, his mind hadn’t been focused on what he went there to do. What reasonable man would be at rest when his house was ablaze?
Deolu parked on the street, alighted and moved towards the building ahead. A few raps on the gate had the gateman murmuring in response. Deolu listened to the sound of the gateman’s dragging feet, waiting patiently. It had been a long time since he came here and Deolu pushed down a small feeling of unease. Not only was he anxious to know exactly what had transpired between Laura and her uncle, he also knew that Mark would not exactly receive him with open arms. He had been like a father to Laura and if what Laura said was anything to go by, he was her biological father. He had taken him as a son when he got married to Laura, he could imagine how pissed Mark would be.
Unlike the gateman, he pushed open the door without the usual interrogation. “Ah oga Deolu, long time” he pushed the gate wider, allowing Deolu in.

Deolu’s face eased into a friendly smile. “How are you, Lukman?”
Lukman beat his hand together, rubbing his palms in a way Deolu was fond of. “I just dey o, oga mi. as I no dey see you for here again na, hand just dry”

Deolu chuckled. “Is Mr. Johnson in?
Lukman’s shoulders sagged, “No, he just commot. This one wey all of you just dey appear so, you too done come fight my oga?
Disappointment engulfed Deolu even as he frowned. “Fight? What do you mean?”
Lukman adjusted his stance. “No be your wife? Madam, Laura come yesterday, shout shout sotey, she cry commot. Madam Tito too come, she too cry commot. Today, oga twin don come hala for oga too, now you don come. Make una mercy for Oga Mark na, and me I know say my oga no fit do that kind thing wey una talk o”

Deolu frowned, taking a step closer to Lukman. It was odd being fed information by Mark’s gateman but he did know that workers, especially in a residential apartment, were often the walls of the house. Nothing could get past them. “Can’t do what?”

“As your wife enter yesterday wey I hear say she dey shout, na hin I waka go window, hear wetin dey happen. She talk say oga…” Lukman’s voice dropped in conspiracy. “… say oga rape person” Deolu’s frown deepened several degrees. “How he go take do that kain thing?”

Rape! That was definitely something he could not imagine Mark doing. The man was the sweetest man Deolu had ever come across. He always felt the man couldn’t hurt a fly, so… “what do you mean, rape?… raped who?” for an unknown reason, Deolu was scared. Some of the incoherent words Laura mumbled in her sleep rolled in his head.

“How I go take know? I no hear everything wey dem talk” he started, looking guilty. “But… she mention one name. I no remember. Erm… The name wan be like oga pikin name”

“No. the name just be like her own, na…”
Similar too… “Teju” Deolu whispered to himself, a frown taking over his entire face.
“Yes. Na the name wey I hear be that”
Deolu’s head shot up. “What?” blood drained from his face as his head began to throb. “you can’t be serious”

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