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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 70
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Margaret’s mouth was swollen beyond normal, and her eyes, and several other parts of her body. Rage welled up within Laura as she stared at her sister. She had been mean to her when they met in her office. She had practically mocked her in the face of her pain, but now, Laura could understand why Margaret had acted the way she had acted. She could understand why Margaret would be pissed at the world. Marriage could only be blissful and enjoyable when you are married to the right person, married to the wrong person, Laura could bet that life would be like walking through hell.

Gloria sat on one side of the bed and Jane sat at the other while Laura just stood, Tess on her hips. Laura stared at Gloria for a brief moment. The woman’s strength just never ceased to amaze Laura. How could she even concentrate on Margaret when she found out barely two hours ago that her long lost daughter was very much alive? Gloria had always had the incredible ability to put others first and it was the one thing that had gained her the respect and love of people around her.
Margaret’s eyes roamed the faces of the people seated with her, resting on Laura briefly before shifting to Gloria who looked really worried.

“Oh, Margaret” Gloria m0aned on the verge of tears. “Why didn’t you say anything? Your husband did this, didn’t he?” her anger came out undisguised through her voice.

Margaret remained mute for a while, shook her head, wincing when pain stabbed her. “No, don’t move” Jane hastily interjected. “Just… just stay still.” Jane grabbed Margaret’s hand, giving it a little sq££ze.

“He didn’t do this” Margaret forced through her swollen lips. Her words were slurred.

“Like hell, he didn’t.” Jane snapped. “You can give that lie to brainless fools, okay, but I know what I saw. This is what happens when you watch too much beauty and the beast, you end up marrying one.”

Margaret shifted her eyes, swallowing the lump in her throat. “It is not his fault” she managed.

Gloria paused. “Whose fault is it then?”

“Mine, I provoked him” three stunned eyes peered into her but she focused on Gloria and Jane. “It’s the truth. I… I knew he doesn’t eat stale food and I still gave him the leftover food from the previous night.”

Gloria stared into the misty eyes of her stepdaughter and nearly started weeping. It was bad enough to see her so battered and bruised, what was worse was realizing that it was not only her body that had been brutalized. Her worth and self-esteem had also been punched out of her by the ruthless fists of her husband. “Oh God! See what he’s done to you”

“What he has been doing for the past two years” Tears stung her eyes and rolled down her bruised cheek as she gazed at Laura again. She hadn’t said anything since she came in, holding Tess. “It is your entire fault” Margaret voiced as tears fell from her eyes. Bitterness shone in her eyes as she held Laura’s gaze. “You should have married Collins” she gasped out. “You are the responsible for this” Laura swallowed. “You are enjoying this, right?”
“Stop!” Jane butted in before Gloria could get a word out. “I won’t let you do this again”

“Why are you not laughing? I am sure you would get a good laugh from watching me suffer. You bailed on the chance to be used as a punching bag. Trust me, it is not much fun”
“Margaret, you have to-”

“I am not happy this happened, Margaret” Laura interjected, talking for the first time since she came in. “Believe it or not, it hurts me to see you like this” she held Margaret’s gaze. “I always wanted you to be happy”

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