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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 7
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“Calm down Cat, you’re making me stressed” Tito snapped angrily as she drove away from Laura’s house.
“Don’t tell me to calm down” Catherine returned as she tugged furiously at the seatbelt hindering her from gesticulating as much as she liked.

“Fine! Fly into a million pieces then” Tito growled as she gripped the wheels harder.
Catherine hissed. “I so wanted to slap Deolu, I wanted to slap that stupid w---e that always posed as his best friend – God! The nerve! And Deolu’s mother? oh God… whoever I marry must definitely be an orphan”
Tito glared at the road ahead. “I wanted to slap Laura.”

“Laura is the victim in all of this” Catherine exclaimed, turning to glare at Tito but she paid her no heed.

“If she had listened to me, broken whatever friendship was between Teju and Deolu, all these wouldn’t have happened. Instead, she was there playing the doting wife. No man should have a female best friend; especially not a married man” she muttered. “You ask me why I am still single? There it is. All men are savages”

“All except my dad” Catherine muttered.
Tito gritted her teeth as her eyes turned dark with anger. “She’ll be sorry” she grumbled under her breath. “Teju would be sooo sorry she messed with my cousin”
Catherine turned her head and frowned at Tito. Catherine had been friends with Laura for as long as she had been friends with Tito. She originally knew Laura but no one could effectively be friends with one without the other, the two cousins were as inseparable as the number eleven. However, there was something about Tito that was unnerving. The knowledge that she could do and undo, even the most unthinkable of things, when it comes to those she cares about. She was as friendly as she was dangerous.“Calm down Tito”The situation was already dicey, she didn’t want Tito doing anything stupid.

Tito hissed, her eyes blazing. “I’ve never been calmer” she muttered and turned a sharp left.


Deolu opened the door slowly, his heart pounding louder than a drum. The room was dark with no single light on. His heart tightened painfully as he saw the form that lay motionlessly on the bed. He had no idea what he was going to say to her and for a moment, he contemplating leaving to give her more time to calm down. Call him a coward, well, maybe he was. He had already spent the last one hour pacing, stalling this confrontation. He was here now, he couldn’t turn back now; he might as well face his nemesis and be done with it.

He swallowed as he closed the door quietly behind him. Laura had her back to him but he could tell that she wasn’t sleeping. Laura could never sleep when she’s upset. He knew that much about her; heck, he knew everything about her. She didn’t make the slightest move as she lay still on the bed.
Deolu walked quietly until he was able to see her face clearly. Her eyes were open as she stared into space, seeming oblivious of his presence. Her bronze sun-kissed skin sparkled and shone even in the dark room as she lay uncovered, folded with her knees to her chest.

He moved to her and knelt by the bed, his heart in his mouth. “Laura” he called softly.

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