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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 69
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“There’s no justification in pushing a woman into my bed, dad. Besides, what makes you think I would get married to a woman who would w---e herself into marriage?”

“It isn’t whoring when the person you are sleeping with is your husband to be”
“I don’t remember proposing to her. And dad, I would appreciate it if you and mum can stop meddling with my life. I would only get married when I see fit, pressurizing me would not make me get married any faster. You are a man dad, and you should understand that I don’t like doing things against my will”
Mr. Anayo sighed over the phone and seemed to be shuffling through something. “Okay, Chris. Here’s what I would do. I can stop your mum from pushing a woman on you on one condition” he began and Chris sighed. “You have to bring a woman home in two months max”

Why did Chris see the deadline coming? “Two months? Dad, we are talking about a woman here”

“I don’t care. Two months, Chris, or get ready for your wedding with Livinus’ daughter.”

***** Teju swallowed her pills, washing them down with a glass of water. The dizziness subsided but if anything, the ache in her head magnified. Thanks to the phone call interruption, Laura had left with her weird step mother, giving her enough room to breathe normally again.

How could the woman presume herself to be her mother? Teju knew her mother for Pete’s sake! And the worst part was, Teju had no idea what the woman had actually come for before she fell into her hallucination. She could bet it had something to do with Laura. And Laura? Why had Laura come?

Getting dressed, she sat back down on her bed, waiting with her eyes on the clock. She was expecting a knock in any minute and her eyes took a quick survey of the apartment. The woman had practically imposed herself on her, coining words to her advantage until she had no choice but to give in to her desire to pay her a visit. She had figured she had the right to want to see her but now, she was actually glad she had needed.

The knock came on the door and she smiled to herself without mirth. She never disappoints. If there is one good thing about Mrs Aderigbe, it is that she always keeps to time.

Teju pushed out of the bed, gave her room another glance, then waltzed to the door and pulled it open. “Ekaasan ma” she greeted good afternoon in Yoruba.

Mrs Aderigbe smiled at her, giving her a full hug. Teju’s arms remained glued to her sides in an awkward manner. “My love, bawoni?” she grinned, pulling back. “Baby mi nko?”

“Still in the womb ma” she answered and shifted to allow Deolu’s mother in.

Mrs Aderigbe breezed in, carrying a large bag that Teju was just noticing. She dropped the bag at the foot of the bed and dropped onto the bed herself. She grinned at Teju as she fingered the nylon she just dropped. “I brought you fruits, you need it now more than ever”

Teju stared at her. “You didn’t have to”
“I have to. I wouldn’t stop thanking you for what you did for me. And since you are carrying my grandchild, you are officially my responsibility now”

Teju remained silent for a brief moment as she moved to the only chair in the room and pulled it to herself. “You would have to stop thanking me, ma, I didn’t agree to do this for you. I am doing this for myself” For Deolu and Laura as well, she finished internally. She knew they wouldn’t know it but they would soon enough, she only hoped it wouldn’t be soon enough. She had misled Tito purposely to get her off her back. She knew with the way she had been going, she would have uncovered everything she was hiding and she couldn’t have that… or at least not yet.

“All the same, you did and that’s all that matters.” Her smile seemed to have waned but she was still smiling. “And how is Deolu taking it”

“Better than he would when he realizes we tricked him into this.” she said with a lifeless tone to her voice.

“He wouldn’t find out, we are the only ones that know about it, so as long as we keep mum, the secret is safe”
Why couldn’t she find solace in that assurance? Sighing, Teju sat straighter. “There is something I want to ask you ma, and I hope you would be entirely honest with me”

Her eyes probed Deolu’s mother’s, as her mind worked. “Of course dear” she frowned. “What is it?”

Teju shifted uncomfortably on her seat, sweats of perspiration forming on her forehead, dreading what was coming. “Is my mother my mother?”

Mrs Aderigbe paled slightly and blinked in quick succession. “What do you mean?”
“You’ve been friends with my mother almost all her life, I just want to know the truth. What do you know about my birth?”
Mrs Aderigbe swallowed hard. “Why… do you ask?”

“Just tell me, I know you are hiding something already” Teju surged to her feet, feeling uneasy. If Mrs Aderigbe’s facial expression was anything to go by, she had a reason to feel agitated. “Is she my mother? My biological mother? I want the truth”

There was brief silence. “No” She finally dropped. “We were at the river one evening when you sailed into sight. We… we found you in a basket.”

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