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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 68
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Jane shrugged. “Maggy seemed to want the union, the worst part is that she didn’t really love Collins. The problem is that Margaret is a daddy pleaser; I am sure if she had said no, daddy wouldn’t have insisted. He is not always as hard on her as he is with Laura”
Laura swallowed the words in her throat. It is always better to hold your tongue than say something you’d later regret. Despite the issues she had with Margaret, Laura felt bad for her. They had never been close, at least, not the form of closeness expected of siblings. Somehow, Margaret saw her as a rival and Laura never understood why. She was always out to prove herself as the better person, especially to their dad. That was why it didn’t come as a surprise to her when she heard that Margaret had married the same man her father had been bent on her marrying.

The recent revelations revealed why Frank had always been hard on her. He always picked on her every move, especially when she had Mark’s support. Frank was always against whatever Mark supported. It was like he constantly wanted to see who Laura would obey and now, Laura realized painfully that she had gone against Frank more times than she could count. Her love for Mark Johnson had risen every time he supported her various antics, he had seemed to understand her. It was only rarely that he advised her against some things she set out to do, and because he rarely did, Laura was always bound to listen to whatever he said.

Now, thinking about it, Laura wondered if Mark had actually done all that to gain her love. There was a lot going on in her head and she just needed the drama to stop. She swallowed and stared ahead at the entrance of the hospital, knowing that Frank Johnson would walk in any minute. She wondered what she would say to him. She had so much to apologize for… so many things she wished she had done differently.

Her heart raced, drowning Jane and Gloria’s enraged voices until her attention was snatched back when Gloria and Jane surged to their feet. “How is she, doctor?” they chorused.

“Catherine, how is my sister?” Laura asked.
“Better. you can see her now” Catherine said and turned. “Follow me”
Without pausing, they followed her.

***** Chris gave his office door a hard stare, holding his phone in a viselike grip as he waited. He had been calling his mother all day long, but she had refused to pick up his call, now, he was calling his dad. “Hi dad” he bit off, not so nicely as soon as his dad picked up.
“Chris, how are you?”
“Not fine, dad. Would you believe what mum did? She actually sent a woman into my house to s£duce me, would you believe that?” he paced slowly.

“Ehn… and did she succeed?”
“But of course not!” Chris bit out. “I had to leave the bedroom for her since it was already dark and sent her out of my house this morning.”

“Wait! Son, you mean to tell me that you slept under the same roof with Livinus’ beautiful daughter and nothing happened?” stunned disbelief filtered through his voice. “Hold on son, tell me something” Mr. Anayo’s voice dropped to a near whisper. “Is everything still working perfectly downstairs?”

Chris gritted his teeth. His parents surprised him more with each passing day. “Oh, c’mon dad, I am fine”
“Really? There is no blockage in transmission or transfusion?”
“Please dad… I can’t believe you are in sync with this too. I thought you always advocated celibacy until marriage”
“Oh well, since you never really lived by that particular analogy, there is no use pursuing a lost cause, is there?” Chris exhaled. Why was it that everyone assumed he slept with every woman just because he was given to flirting with them? He remembered Tito’s condemning eyes as she saw him with ‘what’s her name again’ and his mouth pressed into a thin line. “Besides, the end justifies the means” Mr. Anayo finished.
“There’s no justification in pushing a woman into my bed, dad. Besides, what makes you think I would get married to a woman who would w---e herself into marriage?”

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