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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 67
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The line went dead and Frank dropped his hand to his side, looking grim. Many times, he didn’t think about Margaret. Everything related to Laura had engulfed his head that he rarely had time for the other two girls – the ones who were actually his biological daughter. Jane had returned from school and she hadn’t even paid him a visit, he had known she was around only when Gloria told him. They only communicated when she needed money, and that was it. Margaret however was always calling, asking after him. She seemed to be the one who cared about him the most, but he had practically neglected her and taken her for granted; sounds like what he did to Sandra until she found comfort and solace in the grave.

“What’s wrong with Laura?” Mark asked instantly, looking worried.

Frank turned, heading towards the door. “It’s Margaret. You can rest your head.”

Mark stalked after him. “Of course, I can’t. Margaret is my niece. What is wrong with her?”

“Does it look like I know?” Frank snapped, opening the door.
“Well, we would find out” before Frank knew what Mark was about; Mark snatched the car keys from his hand, easing his legs to long strides. “I’m driving” he explained.
“Give me my car keys, I am not going to the hospital in the same car with you” Frank deadpanned.
Mark nodded. “You can either spend the next thirty minutes, trying to get it or we can spend it on the road, trying to get to the hospital. Your pick” he said, already marching towards Frank’s car, making his decision for him.

Fuming, Frank got into the passenger’s seat and they set for the hospital.

***** “I am practically going to kill your father when he gets here?” Gloria echoed as she quit her pacing to sit between Laura and Jane again. Laura cradled little Tess, happy that she was falling asleep. She doesn’t get to carry children much, holding Tess in her arms almost brought tears to her eyes as she struggled to hear what was being said. “I told him Collins wasn’t a good man but he just wouldn’t listen to me” Gloria continued, fuming. “A good thing Laura stood her grounds and refused to marry that woman beater”

“Would have been better if he never married anyone.” Jane said bitterly. “You should have seen her on the floor of their sitting room” she shook her head as her pale face studied the ground. “Her face was swollen, she was all blood and bruises, couldn’t even move to comfort Tess who was busy crying her eyes out. You want to kill dad? All I want is five minutes with her beast of a husband.”

Laura remained mute, listening to Jane and Gloria as she rocked Tess to sleep on her lap.
“Frank should never have allowed Margaret to marry him.”

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