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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 66
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“That’s why you can’t forgive yourself, right?” he raised his brow. “You can’t forgive me because a part of you can’t forgive yourself either” Frank shot to his feet. “The truth is you can’t forgive yourself for pushing Sandra to an early grave but you find it easier to put all the blame on me instead”

“Don’t you dare put her death on me!” Frank bellowed, his eyes shooting daggers at Mark. “If Sandra is six feet under today, you put her there” his voice bounced off the walls, hanging around them like small spirits.”

“No, you sent her to an early grave with your unforgiveness” Mark barked. “I would have loved her… I would have made her feel as special as she deserves but instead, I had to watch her fade away under your very nose. You didn’t deserve her, you didn’t deserve her love”

Frank swung his fist, connecting firmly with Mark’s nose. Like Mark hadn’t even registered the pain, he returned the punch, sending blood spilling from Frank’s mouth. Frank staggered backwards; his hand going up to touched his bruised mouth. His mouth drawled into a snarl as he made to launch for Mark. Just then, his phone rang loud, making him pause his strides. He stood fuming, glaring at Mark with his arms fisted.

“Are you going to take that or should we continue throwing blows? I don’t mind the latter. Honestly, he would gladly accept physical pain compared with the one he harbored in his heart.”

Looking murderous, Frank dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his phone. Without fully registering the caller, he picked and barked. “What?”
“Frank! Where the hell are you?”
“Gloria? What’s going on?” and why did her voice sound so rasped, like she had spent hours crying?”

Gloria hissed. “Your daughter has been hospitalized, that’s what’s going on”

Frank froze in place. “Which daughter? Laura? What’s wrong with her?” Mark was unashamedly eavesdropping now. If something was wrong with his daughter, he certainly had to know about it.

“I am talking about Margaret!” Gloria snapped. “Margaret has been hospitalized. Now, leave wherever it is you are and get to BRH now”

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