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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 65
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Mark pulled the door open and smiled grimly at his guest. “Was wondering when you would show up. You never disappoint.”
Frank gave a blinding grin. “Wouldn’t pass on an opportunity to salt your wounds.”
Mark nodded and swept his hand in. “Well, don’t do it at the door; not like it would make any difference.”

“Believe me, it would” Frank flowed into the sitting room with a bounce in his strides. He couldn’t keep the grin from spreading across his face. “Whatever might be keeping you in during the day must be really serious little brother” he gave the apartment a small appraisal before turning to smile at Mark. It had been a while he set foot in his brother’s apartment.

Impatience flashed in Mark’s eyes as he shifted. “Get to it, Frank”
Frank chuckled, sitting and cross-legging on the couch. “C’mon now, where is your sense of humor, Mark? Don’t tell me you lost it along with your two daughters” Mark opened his mouth but Frank interrupted him. “You should get it back, brother, wouldn’t want to leave you hanging dry with nothing to call your own”he lied, he would love exactly that.

Mark moved fully into the sitting room and sat on a couch. “They didn’t leave me, we had a disagreement. I’d get them back”
“How?” Frank raised a brow. “By… doing their make-ups?” he asked and chuckled.
“If I have to”
“Oh, quit dreaming Mark! Trust once lost can never be regained; you of all people should know that”

Mark shot out of the chair again. He had been doing that all day. He hadn’t been able to do anything meaningful, paranoia plagued his day just as it had plagued his night, after Tito walked out of the house, looking no bit like the girl he raised. She had barely uttered a word to him, staring at him like he was a black-faced bloody monster. The horror he saw in her eyes was almost more painful than the hurtful words from Laura’s mouth. He had spent most of his life feeling like a monster, now; he actually believed he was one.

“How does it feel, Mark?” Frank’s voice came out like a whisper. “How does it feel losing the ones you love the most? It hurts, right? Like nothing you’ve ever felt”
Mark swallowed. “You are never going to forgive me for that mistake, are you?”
Frank snarled. “Forgive you?” he laughed. “You slept with my wife on our wedding night” Frank emphasized. “I loved Sandra, loved her very much and you denied me of my rights as her husband. You destroyed what could have been a happy home before it even began…” he shook his head. “Asides offense to the Holy Spirit which is unforgivable, I am pretty sure what you did has no forgiveness”
“And what about what you did?” Mark exploded, whirling around to face Frank. “You are so good at casting blames without taking any, right?” his eyes flashed with fury. “Sandra didn’t intentionally sleep with me, did she? It was entirely my fault and I took the entire blame, but you… you just wouldn’t forgive her for an offense she didn’t consciously commit. How can you claim to love someone when you can’t forgive her.” Fury ignited in Frank’s eyes but Mark ignored it, staring bitterly at his twin. “She loved you… she bent over backwards for you despite the fact that things were not the way they used to be, but what did you do? You drained her… you watched the woman you claim to love wither right before your eyes until she died a sad and lonely woman” Mark’s mouth took a bitter form. “I always hated myself for being responsible, for creating a wedge between you two… but I hated you more… I hated you for treating Sandra like trash” he swallowed. “You used her as your permanent maid and w---e when she should have been treated as a queen.

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