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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 64
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Deolu woke to find the mattress empty. His body lay naked under the duvet, satiated and relaxed. Deolu pulled to a half sitting position, glancing around the room. He needed no one to tell him, he was sure Laura had left. He swallowed and ran his hand over his hair. His body reminded him of things he did with Laura but his brain was still stuck on the things he had heard from Laura’s mouth as she dozed off. When she had refused to confide in him, Deolu had known whatever it was must be pretty serious, and knew the one way of getting words out of her. Now that he had the words out of her, he didn’t know what to make of it.

How could Tito’s father be her father? How possible was that? She had mentioned something about a rape and then she had mentioned Teju but hadn’t finished it before she dozed off. He couldn’t get the puzzle out of his head. Who was raped? And by who?

Pushing out of bed, he marched to the bathroom. He needed answers and he wont be getting them in bed.

***** Teju stared at the women for a precious minute and bursted into laughter. “You both are hilarious” she turned, walking into the apartment.

Gloria followed. “it is the truth” Gloria said gently. “I am your birth mother”
Teju whirled round. “Of course, you are. Listen, I know my mother, okay? And she certainly doesn’t look like you”
“I understand you. But please, let me explain”
“There’s no need. I understand perfectly. Everything that’s happening is making us all crazy, I know. But don’t try to tell me that I don’t know my mother, okay? That’s the height of it”

“The mark…”
“There must be a thousand ladies with similar birth marks. I certainly am not your daughter, ma’am” Teju seemed horrified at the very thought of it.

Laura could only stare, perplexed, watching Gloria battle with her emotions as Teju pulled closer to anger.

“It is not a birthmark” Gloria’s voice was barely above a whisper.

The room fell a bit silent. “What is it then?”
Gloria blinked but as she opened her mouth to explain, her phone shattered the silence as it rang, making her jump. She took her phone out to hang up until she saw the caller. Margaret hadn’t called her in a very long time. It was odd that she would now. “Margaret?” she said as she picked, looking at Laura.

The voice she heard was not Margaret’s. “Mother?”
“Jane?” What’s going on? Where is Margaret?”
“Please, you have to come, right now. I am rushing Mag to the hospital”
“What? What happened?” Gloria yelled.

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