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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 62
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It became completely worse when she had given birth to Laura and all he could see in the innocent little girl was a combination of his wife and Mark. It had almost been more than he could bear. But he had always loved female children and small as she was, he just couldn’t transfer his aggression on her. But Mark had visited often, intent on seeing his daughter though her paternity was only known to the three of them. Laura had grown up, and each passing day made it obvious that she loved Mark more than she loved him. She sought his counsel on everything that that riled him more than anything. Sandra died and Frank hated Mark more than he ever had. No matter how much he tried to love Laura, Mark still remained the perfect twin in Laura’s eyes. Though she never said it verbally. He saw it in her eyes… in her every action. Frank blamed Mark for everything… everything that was wrong with his world. Mark had stolen Sandra from him and had gone ahead to steal Laura too, though she was technically his. Now, Frank smiled. Now, he would enjoy seeing Mark lose not only Laura’s love but also Tito’s love as well.


Teju stared at the weird woman before her. Atinuke? She knew no one by that name, and it certainly was not one of her middle names. “Sorry, I am not Atin-”
She wasn’t given the grace to finish her statement when Gloria snatched her hand, bringing it up to her face. Teju’s heart skipped several beats as the woman gazed at her hand with an almost feverish look on her face. “It’s you… it’s really you” she raised her teary eyes to Teju, gazing at her with mystified wonder.

Teju swallowed. Who on earth was this woman? She definitely had to be mad, maybe escaped an asylum or a mental ward, she thought with a deep frown as she took one cautious step back. The only problem was that her weird guest didn’t look mad. A mad person would certainly not look so neat and pretty, but then, madness comes in all forms and shades.

“Sorry ma, I am Teju not Atinuke” Teju finally said at length but then, she doubted the woman actually heard her as she held her hand tightly. She had water in her eyes, staring at her like she had just come face to face with the living dead. Teju stared intently at the woman before her. She certainly couldn’t remember ever seeing such a woman, but there was this weird feeling she could not place. Definitely had to be baby jitters. “Can I have my hand back, please?”
Gloria shook her head with vigor as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I… I thought I… that I would never” she shook her head again, giving Teju a head to toe scrutiny. “You’ve grown so big and beautiful” she gasped out in awe, more to herself than to Teju.

Teju had never been more confused in her life and really, she couldn’t stand any more confusion. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”
Gloria gazed right back at her, seeing her through her tears. “You’ve known me all your life”
Teju chuckled without the trace of a smile. “Certainly haven’t”
“Oh, Atinuke…” she finally let go of Teju’s hand but took a step forward, cupping Teju’s face with her two hands. This had to be the most awkward encounter Teju has had in a while, she thought, gazing in confusion into the teary eyes of Gloria. “Oh, Atinuke, I am your-”

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