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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 58
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Teju lay curled up on the bed, the sheets drawn up to her chin. The lights were out and she stared into the darkness of her room, with no thought flowing through her brain. Exhaling, she closed her eyes, welcoming the darkness within. Even her closed lids could not hold back the tears that disappeared into the pillow. There was so much pain, and she was the pioneer of it all. Her heart ached just thinking of the pain she had caused everyone. There was so much pain and turmoil and she was the cause of everything. Her selfishness had led to this.

Tito might feel she had the whole truth and even think Teju was the victim, but Teju knew that was not the case. The diary was missing a few pages. There were some things she didn’t dare write in the diary because frankly, some words are too heavy to pass through the tip of a pen. The diary held only a fraction of what had truly happened. Swallowing, Teju placed her hand on her tummy, it was already growing. She had to endure… hold on for this little soul. She got little consolation from knowing that she could give life to another being. She felt a slight movement in her tummy, making her freeze. Tears filled her eyes as she held still, hoping to feel the movement again, but she didn’t. “My baby” she whispered in tears. Despite the odd circumstances, she loved the child. Loved the thought of holding a tiny baby boy or girl in her arms in a few months. But then, she knew… she knew she wouldn’t be holding her baby for as long as she wanted…

***** Deolu walked into the house with Laura in his arms, she was completely exhausted but though her eyes were closed, he knew she wasn’t asleep. His heart thudded in his chest. He felt complete and whole again. He couldn’t tell just how he felt at having his wife within the confines of their home again. It was like God had decided to step in and make all crooked paths straight.

He made straight for their bedroom, leaving the lights off as he went straight towards the bathroom and placed her gently on the ground. He bent and removed her shoes, giving her feet a brief massage and felt her stiffen as his hands went up to her skirt. He felt her eyes on him and looked up into her eyes. “I just want to undress you” he explained silently. “You need a bath”
She remained silent as he peeled away her skirt, leaving her in her [email protected] He straightened. “Raise your hands” he ordered softly and pulled off her top when she did. Laura watched him intently as he undressed her until she completely nude before him. She wasn’t running but she could feel her heart racing. Heavy silence filled the room, Laura knew Deolu had questions but also knew he wouldn’t ask them just yet. Deolu released the bond holding her natural hair together and Laura could almost hear the inaudible sigh as her spongy hair snapped free. Deolu opened the door of the bathroom and pulled her inside gently. “I can bath myself” Laura finally spoke.

He smiled. “I know that” Laura made no protest as Deolu ran the water, picked her sponge and helped her bath. He took a towel and mopped her dry. As they emerged from the bathroom, he instantly, made for the wardrobe and pulled out one of Laura’s night wears. One that fell loosely around her. He knew her enough to know she slept better without clingy clothes, and going by the dark circles around her eyes, he could tell she hadn’t been sleeping much. Laura wore the cloth wordlessly and moved to the bed. Sleep weighed heavily on her lids. Deolu pushed her to a lying position and pulled the duvet over her. He sat on the bed beside her for a brief moment, staring at her face. He caressed her cheek with his thumb as he leaned over to give her a lingering kiss on her head. “Go to sleep, love” he whispered.
Laura watched as Deolu stood and walked away from the bed, across the dark room towards the door. As he raised his hand to turn on the light for her, she realized he wasn’t going to stay in the room. “Don’t go”

Deolu turned, looking uncertain. “You should sleep”

“I sleep better with you” she answered. “Stay with me… please” she pleaded. Laura didn’t think she could stand being alone. And despite the dispute, she just wanted to forget about the pain and betrayal for tonight.

Deolu swallowed as he went back to the bed, getting in on the other side. Laura drew closer, cuddling against her husband. Deolu kissed her head again, he desperately wanted that kiss all over her body but he knew it was not the right time. Satisfied with the feel of her small form against him after so long a time, he whispered again. “Sleep now, love”

And she did.

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