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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 57
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Deolu didn’t care that it was almost midnight; he just had to see Chris. He had to know exactly what was going on. He might have made his mistakes but he would be damned if he would sit back and have his best friend steal his wife’s heart away from him. In seconds, he was out of the house and in his car, honking at the gateman to open the gate.
His blood boiled as he zoomed out of the house, straight into the dark lonely road. It all made perfect sense now. Chris was always with him through thick and thin, even when they fought and had serious misunderstandings, it never lasted for more than a day. But now… gosh, how could he have been so brain-dead? Chris always voiced some things in jovial manners but he had never counted on them. The signs had been there all along, he had just been too dumb to notice. That is the thing with people who play too much; you can almost never tell when they are actually being serious. Deolu had suspected Chris had deep feelings for someone which was not reciprocated. He had thought it was probably reason why he never took the women in his life seriously, how was he to assume that Chris was actually in love with his wife?

Deolu pushed his leg against the accelerator as he sped off; light from his headlamp and street lights filled the road. His eyes caught someone running in the opposite direction, afar off. As he drew closer, he saw that it was a woman. How could a woman be out running, so late at night? He strained his eyes and slammed his leg on the brake as he saw who it was. His tired screeched to a halt in the middle of the road, as the image of the person running became clear to him. Thankfully, traffic was free. He was practically the only person on the road. “Laura?” he muttered in great surprise as he got out of the car, his initial destination was forgotten as he rushed to the other side of the road. “Laura” he yelled as Laura drew closer but she did not seem to hear him. Her face was filled with tears and his heart thumped, wondering what had happened to her. Where on earth was she coming from?

As she drew nearer, her hiccupped sobs rose to his ear and he rushed forward to grab her. “Laura” he whispered. She fought weakly, trying to break free, but she must have expended all her strength because she soon gave up the struggle, her breath coming out in short gasps as she cried.

She looked up into his worried eyes. “Deo…lu” she managed, on the verge of collapse.
Deolu pulled her into his arms. “Come here” he held her shaking form against his body and kissed her head. “Hush now” he whispered as she sobbed uncontrollably, gripping his shirt with her small hands. Right now, whatever could have happened didn’t matter to him, all that mattered was Laura. He lifted her carefully off the ground and walked back to the car, placing her gently on the seat. She looked so young, so innocent. Laura inhaled in quick successions, as her tears died down to hiccups.
Deolu got behind the wheels and spun the car around; Chris was completely forgotten as he drove straight home.

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