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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 56
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Laura felt like she had just been given a blow in the gut. In the space of three weeks, her life had changed tremendously. It was from one revelation to another. Laura stared hard at Mark through her tears. People had always said she had the looks of her mother but had her father’s eye. Given the resemblance, how was she to know that the father in question was actually Mark? ‘Be careful what you wish for’ now held a new meaning to her.

All her life, she had envied Tito for having the perfect father. Mark had shown her so much love and affection that Laura had wished time and again that he was her father, instead of Frank. Laura had always known Frank to be a cold man, she knew he was cold to everyone but also knew that he was more so around her. She found no love and happiness in her house when she got too much of that at her ‘supposed’ uncle’s place. Laura had called Mark ‘father’, wishing it was real. She said he was her godfather – the father God had intentionally given her as a substitute, knowing she had a terrible one. She had thought Tito was the luckiest person alive to have gotten the better twin as her father… if only she had known that it was all a shell… if only she had known that the real person that lived beneath that amazing façade was a deadly viper.

“I am sorry, Laura”
Laura laughed, shaking her head. “Sorry!” she exclaimed in amazement. “After everything, that’s all they say; sorry” she snapped. “What exactly are you sorry for? You destroyed my mother’s life, destroyed my father’s life, destroyed Teju’s life, destroyed my life… and all you have is that you are sorry?” Mark looked away; he couldn’t bear the hatred in her eyes. “I can never see you as my father” she swore. “I would rather be a bastard than acknowledge a rapist as my father. I hate you. I hate you!” she yelled and yanked the door open.
She froze as she saw the person behind the door. Tito stood behind the door, her face filled with tears. One look at her and Laura knew she had heard everything. She couldn’t imagine what she must be feeling but at the moment, Laura didn’t care. She just wanted to get away. Moving past Tito, Laura ran out of the house into the darkness of the night.


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