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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 51
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Deolu pummeled the pillow with his fists as he adjusted himself and lay on the long couch. He was exhausted from the long jug and his limbs had protested all the way back home. He hadn’t been able to sleep on his matrimonial bed since Laura waltzed out of the house. It was near impossible to enter their room and not perceive Laura’s scent; he could just imagine what it would be like, sleeping without her on the bed – pure torture. He exhaled, closing his eyes as he lay on the couch, his body spread out in a relaxed state. The words of the elderly man settled heavily on him. He had the building plans but he needed an engineer… Deolu knew himself to be a Christian but in all honesty, he wouldn’t say he was the least bit devoted. He had almost all he wanted; he ran his own textile company which was already known nationally and internationally for the unique designs and quality, he had no problem with money, and had a wife who loved him mutually. Asides child related issues; Deolu could almost say he was leading a satisfying life. He hadn’t taken God so seriously, because he probably felt he didn’t really need Him; he couldn’t have been more wrong. He swallowed.

Picking up his phone, Deolu typed, ‘I love you, Mrs. Rigs’ and sent it to Laura. He waited for it to deliver and sagged in relief when it did. He loved Laura and he wasn’t about to let her go. “Please look past my mistakes and help me God” Deolu said a short prayer. He was about to say more than that when his phone beeped, signaling a received message. His eyes instantly popped open as he grabbed the phone, his heart racing in the hope that the message was from Laura. Immediately he opened the message, the hopeful look in his eyes vanished, replaced instantly with a deep frown.

The message was from an unknown number but that was not what held his undivided attention. He stared at the sent picture. It was a picture of Laura and Chris together in an eatery. It was a harmless picture that shouldn’t raise any brows if the situation on ground wasn’t already precarious.
He shot to his feet, still glaring at his phone. Why on earth was Chris looking at his wife in such an intense manner? There was this look in his eyes that Deolu was too scared to put a name to. His mind started racing as he started piecing the puzzles together. Chris was his best man during his wedding but he could still remember feeling Chris was not really himself during the ceremony. He always made stern remarks on valuing and treating Laura right. Deolu paced as he shook his head, trying to shake off his thoughts but they won’t go away. Now that he thought about it, Chris always acted a little different around Laura. Sometimes, he acted so distant, like he didn’t even notice her presence. Other times, he seemed to flirt with Laura in excess, giving her special attention even in the presence of others. Knowing Chris to be the jovial and flirty person he was,

Deolu hadn’t thought much of his actions, on the contrary, he had been so happy his friend was so comfortable around his wife, but now, this picture gave a new voice to Chris’ reaction since the infidelity matter came up. “I’d be goddamned” he muttered in horrified awe. Chris couldn’t be in love with his wife, could he?

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