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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 50
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Laura stood outside her uncle’s gate, gazing up at it with uncertainty clearly written over her face. She had been standing there, in the dark for a lot more than ten minutes, unable to summon up the courage to do this. Her uncle had much more than an uncle. He was her godfather but beyond that, he was the one who had acted more like a father to her. He was the father she never found in her own dad; he was the friend who could give her the undiluted truth without making her hate him. When her dad had disowned her, he had taken her in and she had lived in this same house, together with him and Tito for months till she got married. He was always there, always stood by her against all odds; how could she then go to him now, in the house where he had shown her absolute love to accuse him of something as terrible as this? How could she accuse the most upright and right standing man she had ever known of rape? Worse, how could she even give the words of her father so much thought that she would even doubt her own uncle?

Laura turned away from the gate, wiping of the sweat on her forehead with the back of her palm as she stared at the darkened street. Just go in and show him the picture on your phone, you don’t have to say anything, she told herself. She sighed, biting her lower lip in an attempt to stop its trembling. Her blood felt hot in her veins as she glanced at the gate again.

Nervously, she finally moved to the gate and gave it a small knock. There was no response from the gateman. Please, don’t respond, give me a reason to stop this madness. She knocked gently again and the gateman’s response made her jump.

“Who be that?” the gateman boomed.
Jolted, Laura sighed. There was no going back now. “It’s me, Laura”
“Ehn?” the gateman creaked open the pedestrian and peeped before throwing the door wide open. “Ah! Aunty Laura, looong time” he drew, grinning as he let Laura in. “We no just see your brake light for here at all”

Laura drew out a fake smile. “Sorry, Lukman, I’ve been busy”

Lukman nodded. “I know, marriage na serious business” he grinned. Since she got married, Laura had only been to this place on rare occasions. “I sure say you bring something come, this one wey you come for night so”

Laura nodded, glancing nervously at the house. “Is father around?”
“Yes, oga dey”

Laura nodded repeatedly, staring at the moderate building ahead with fright. She was terribly scared that she would offend her uncle but worse, she didn’t know what she would do if her dad was right… if her uncle was actually the culprit… by God, Laura was sure she would not be able to handle it. Giving Lukman a dismissive smile, she proceeded towards the house. Soon, her labored steps took her to the door.

Laura stared for a moment at the closed door, taking a deep breath, she knocked.

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