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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 49
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Gloria stalked around the room in stoned silence. It has been an hour since Laura left but she still could not get the scene off her head. Her pent up unease and tension, she released by walking about the room, doing aimless things. Her intentionally noisy feet and the gentle whine of the fan constituted the only sound in the room.
“Spill it out”
Gloria felt Frank’s eyes on her and she turned her head in Frank’s direction. He lay lazily on the bed, his legs were crossed before him and he had one hand under his head. “What?” she snapped.
“I know you have something to say, so say it. You are wearing out this thin floor with your feet”

Gloria turned to face her husband fully, feeling tension oozing out of her pores. She had been married to Frank for years, but frankly, she still could not boastfully say she knew her husband in all totality. “What do you have to do with this, Frank?” what she was talking about was clear for all.
Frank sighed. “I already told you, nothing”
“Well, guess what; I don’t believe you” she snapped. “I know you too well, you can’t fool me.” She said forcefully. “You were not the least bit surprised or shocked when you read about the rape on Laura’s phone”

“I’m immune to shock. I’ve seen too much in life already to be shocked at anything”
“Don’t give me that cliché, Frank.” Gloria snapped. “You are immune to shock or you expected the shocker?” Frank frowned. “Why did it seem to me like you were expecting to see exactly what you saw in that phone?”

“I don’t know, did I write the girl’s diary for her? Maybe the problem is your displaced mind, it makes you assume mundane things” Frank pushed up to a sitting position and he frowned at his wife. “You know, I can take everyone doubting my integrity but when it is coming from my own wife, it is quite unfortunate”
The victim card, Gloria recognized it so well. It was the one card he always pulled in situations like this. She swallowed. “Okay, let us assume you are telling me the truth and actually have nothing to do with all these, why must you do that to Mark?”
Frank leaned back on the bed. “Do what?”
“Paint him black. You totally made him look like a criminal!”
Frank picked up his phone, giving it his attention. “Maybe he is”

Frank sighed, visibly tired of the conversation. “Listen woman, I am tired of this. I have had more than enough whining for one day, let me sleep”
Gloria watched Frank turn on his side with anger bubbling in her. He stretched out his hand and put off the bedside lamp, throwing the room into darkness. She gritted her teeth as she stalked to the bed, sitting and taking off her slippers. She just couldn’t believe Frank. Something told her that he had something to do with what was going on. She definitely would have to search for that Teju girl to get her own side of the story. Lying on the bed, she yanked angrily at the duvet, pulling it completely off Frank’s body as she wrapped it around hers and pretended to sleep.

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