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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Tito could not tell just for how long she sat in the room, digesting the content of the diary. The bed caved in under her weight as she sat, frozen to the spot. After that first page which had set her brain on overdrive, she had known she had to go through the entire content of the book. It was the most horrific crap she had ever read in the history of her life. Never ever had she imagined that something so vile could be documented in an innocent looking diary. Catherine had said that the best friend of every lonely woman is a diary but now, Tito could truly see the truth in that statement. Tito could vouch that Teju communicated more with her diary that she even talked to her supposed best-friend – Deolu. But as she sat, staring in openmouthed horrified wonder at the book in her hand, closing it as she read the last word, her thoughts were all sorts of shrewd. Her face had lost all trace of colour as she raised her eyes to stare pale-faced at nothing in particular. She was forced to think the things written in the book were make believes because she could not bring herself to believe half of the things she found in it. From what she read, there were two Mr. Johnsons at work in Teju’s life but she’d be damned if she would assume the men were by any chance related to her.

A knock came on the door forcing her out of her vile thoughts, and her head snapped up. Laura was the first thought that came to her mind as she glanced at the clock, but then, Laura wouldn’t really knock. She moved to the window, glancing out. Her heart skipped a bit. Reading about the devil…

Teju couldn’t have chosen to appear at a better time, she might as well give answers to the questions floating around Tito’s head before it explodes. Thinking for a second, Tito quickly moved to the bed, picked the diary and dumped it in the wardrobe as her brain worked. Pinching back colour to her face, she sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. The knock came again and she exhaled slowly. “The door is not locked” she pitched assuming a nonchalant look.
The door creaked open and Teju filled the doorway. Her impressive height, combined with the heels she had on made her tower over Tito who sat cross-legged on the bed, her back against the headboard. Tito slid Teju a look as a faint smile coated her lips. “You sure took your time” she murmured.
Teju looked upset as she shifted. “I am going to have you arrested, you swine” Teju barked. “How dare you burgle my house?”
Tito frowned, staring behind Teju. “I don’t see the cops, where are they?”
“I need my things back,” Teju snapped.
Tito inclined her head, raising her brow. “Oh, your documents? They are safe.”
Teju swallowed as she blinked. “And my diary?”

Tito frowned. “Diary? What diary?” Teju opened her mouth to say something. “Oh, that diary!” Tito suddenly exclaimed like she was just comprehending the question. “Small little thing; I haven’t even read it.”

A wave of relief washed over Teju’s face as she rested her body weight on one leg. “Really?” Tito slanted her an ironic look that had Teju standing straighter. “You unscrupulous swine.”

“Whatever” Already done with the dilly dally, Tito pulled to her feet. “Now that you are here, you might as well explain the rubbish you wrote in that book.”

“I owe you no explanation. I didn’t ask you to read it” Teju pointed out.
“You didn’t ask me not to” Tito retorted.
“It is my personal belonging, containing private information, no one asked you to burgle my house, destroy my apartment and take something that is not yours” Teju pitched.

“No one asked you to burgle my cousin’s home, destroy her home and take a husband that is clearly not yours, but you did” Tito countered with a forced smile. “Or maybe someone did…” she advanced, closing in on Teju. “Maybe someone ‘did’ ask you to do all these”

Teju paled. “What are you talking about?” Irrespective of what Mr. Johnson had told her, she was so scared and sad that this was happening. She didn’t bargain for this! God knows she never imagined her life would turn to a football, being tossed around like an aimless piece of trash. Tito had obviously read everything in her diary so there was nothing to hide. And even as Tito tried to put a brave front, Teju could see the anxiety and agitation that was clearly hidden behind the bravado.
“What? I am talking about the child you are forcing on Deolu” Tito yelled, feeling her blood boil as she paced to the bed and back to stand in front of Teju again. “How could you? I thought you claim Deolu is your best friend” Tito looked bewildered. “How can you destroy his happiness over something that is not even his?”
Teju shrank back as her eyes watered. “It is his”

“Would you stop the stupid lies” Tito snapped, her eyes flashing with fury. “Game over, I read the diary, clearly it holds more truths than your mouth does” Taking a calming breath, she folded her hands across her chest. “Who is the father of your child, Teju?” Tito finally asked the question that was hanging on her tongue but she was too scared to utter.

Teju shrank away, shaking her head. “It is better you don’t know”
“It is better I do”
Horrified, Teju shook her head. “No”
“Tell me now!”
“It’s your father” Teju dropped. “Mark Johnson”

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