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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 45
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Deolu’s canvassed feet hit the ground in rhythmic thuds as he jugged along the darkened street. Sweat trickled down his back, making a wet patch on his clingy top. Sweat glistened on his face as he jugged along, pushing himself beyond his limit. His heart raced along with his foot as his mind took a slow trek along the panes of his problems.

Deolu had never felt as lonely as he had been feeling for the past few days. It was like he was suddenly plunged into a different planet to face the darkness of solitude all alone. He had always loved his space but now, he felt utterly and completely alone. No one was ready to give him a listening ear. No one was ready to understand or even forgive him. But who was he to complain when he had created this mess himself.

The two women he cared about the most, he had hurt the most. Laura was the one person who held his heart, the one person he could tell his deepest secrets to. She was the person who could be three people at once – his mother, friend and lover all at the same time, but with one stupid act, he had killed all three personalities, creating a new one which was a complete stranger to him. But she wasn’t the only person he had hurt. He had hurt Teju too. He had hurt her beyond measure. For someone who had gone through a lot, he shouldn’t have given her such an irrevocable burden. He had been begging Laura for forgiveness. His phone’s inbox was filled with delivered and undelivered messages sent to Laura and even one he sent to Teju after she left the house the previous day. He knew he should give Laura space, she definitely needed some peace and quiet to process all that happened. But he was scared that every day that passed drew her farther and farther away from him. He feared that even when Laura and Teju found it in their hearts to forgive him, he would still be unable to do the most important thing which is to forgive himself.

Unable to push his numb feet for much longer, Deolu slowed, dropping his pace gradually until he started walking again, his heart still skipping from the effect of the jug. His feet, light from jugging, moved of their own accord as he mopped his face with a small towel. People were scanty on the dark street as many people had retired to their respective homes. He walked along as his heart slowed, willing the semblance of peace to wash away his anxieties. He had always loved the dark, always felt calm with the lights out, a direct opposite of Laura who was scared of the dark. A year into the marriage, he would always wait for her to fall asleep before turning off the lights, he remembered with a smile. She couldn’t sleep with the lights off and he couldn’t sleep with the lights on. They had seemed like an unbalanced equation at first, but gradually, they began to adjust. Both wanting the convenience of the other, they had learnt to sleep with or without light until they discovered the adjustable lighting.

With Laura, Deolu had learnt the true definition of love. He had learnt to understand that although love was a feeling that comes from within, love was also a choice. Because there had been times when frustration was practically draining out the love in his home but together, they had held strong, choosing to love each other despite the odds.

Deolu came to a halt in front of a moderately large school. The interesting play of colours on the swings and slides of the playground caught his attention. He could try to avoid it but the fact was that he was about to be a father. However odd the circumstances were, it wouldn’t change the fact that a child would be calling him daddy in a few months. This brought mixed feelings. How were they going to manage the situation so it wouldn’t affect the child? Would Laura accept his child with Teju especially when she had none of her own? Deolu exhaled, running his hands over his head.

“Night jugging?”
Deolu turned his head in the direction of the voice. An aged man, probably in his late fifties walked out of the school towards him, holding a torch. His slightly protruding belly was well rounded. “One’s got to keep in shape.” Deolu answered as the man drew near.
The man shrugged. “I’ve always found it to be a waste of strength and energy. I mean, why jug when all you end up with are aching thighs and a sweaty body?”

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