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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Laura paced Tito’s apartment, deep in thought. Tito wasn’t around to keep her mind occupied and right now, she could use the distraction. The words of her uncle drifted around her head and though it hurt, she knew he was right. She loved Deolu and knew it would hurt her more to leave him. How could she live life without the one person who could bring a smile to her face even in the worst situation? He was her happiness; it was only ironic that he was also her sadness. She swallowed. Could she forgive him? Forgo the pain and build her marriage again, knowing it would not be the same again? Could she trust him again after this?
Laura took a deep breath, massaging her aching shoulders. She needed a mental diversion. If only she had one of her novels with her now… looking around, she saw a book and walked lazily towards it. She picked it up, turning it around, giving it an absent look. Vaguely, she remembered seeing it with Tito that morning as she stepped out with her uncle.

She opened it in half, frowning when she saw that the content was handwritten. A diary? She checked the cover, no words. She then opened the first page and saw the words boldly written. “Dear Pain” Laura frowned deeply but her heart nearly stopped when she saw the inscribed name. “Teju Jumoni” For a few seconds, she stared at the name. What was Teju’s diary doing there?
She opened the diary with shaky fingers and a racing heart, skipping several pages until she got to a dated page which drew her attention. Warning bells went off in her head. Something told her she would find something very unpleasant but she couldn’t stop her eyes from scanning the pages of the diary. Her eyes rotated from corner to corner, becoming more frenzied as her breath came in gasps. “No…” she shook her head, dropping the diary in her hand like it had suddenly caught fire. “He didn’t rape her, no…” she exclaimed, staring at the diary in horror.

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