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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 41
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Tito put her phone on hands free as she controlled the wheel with both hands. “I don’t need your battering now, Cat” And she really didn’t need it, she was doing enough self-battering already.
“You need it because I feel you are about to do something stupid. You always are” Cat said and for once, Tito couldn’t argue with that. “It is better you make amends now before you have the police on your a-s for breaking and entering.”
Tito rolled her eyes. “I am more likely to be arrested by road safety officials now, since I am breaking traffic laws by talking to you”
Catherine’s sigh filled the car. “For once, use your head, or at least, listen to me. I don’t want to visit your pretty face behind bars. Return those things you took, Tito!”
“It would be ‘our’ pretty faces behind bars” Tito inserted. “And stop talking like you are just so worried about me, the truth is you are just so scared of being affected.”
“Shouldn’t I be? Both of us can’t be brain-dead, I have my career to protect”
“A good reason to join self-employed persons like myself, you would have more peace in your life” Tito maneuvered, turning into a street.

“The only thing I see you doing is messing up Laura’s already messy life. Really, Tito, you are only making things worse”
“To me, that’s better than doing nothing” Tito snapped. “Now, would you stop pestering me? Reduce the mess in your hospital by actually saving some lives” she advised and hung up.

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath, holding the steering tighter than was required. Catherine had been right about something… she was about to do something stupid. Stupidity was what got her behind the wheels this evening in the first place. What was more stupid was justifying her stupidity. Her eyes caught Chris’ suit jacket as it sat occupying the seat next to her. Somehow, the jacket had Chris’ defiance and arrogance clinging to it. She shook her head as her lips thinned. I would just return it and leave, she told herself again. She couldn’t stand the sight of that jacket anymore and that was her glorified excuse for leaving her apartment and driving to his house this late evening. It was already dark and she could sense the wind had turned cooler outside the car.

The scent of Chris’ perfume rose from the jacket to her nose, making her frown. She turned off her air conditioner and rolled down her window. Fresh air penetrated the car, blowing the tresses of her relaxed hair into disarray.

She never should have talked to Chris the way she did. She felt bad about it but wouldn’t admit it to herself. She had over-reacted for nothing and she still couldn’t explain her outburst. Taking in a calming breath, she thought. ‘I’d just give him his jacket and be done with it.’

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