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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Tricia stood outside Chris’ apartment, looking around in search as she held her phone to her ear. “I can’t find it” she said into the phone.

“It’s in the place where the carpet grass joins the cemented floor. The grass is a bit loose there, lift it” Mrs. Anayo explained over the phone.

Tricia surveyed the carpet grass with her hand, testing and lifting till she found her price. “Seen it” she exclaimed, smiling at the key as she stretched and walked to the door.

“Good” Mrs. Anayo’s voice held a smile. “Now, don’t forget what I told you. Show him that you are wife material”
Tricia pushed the key into the lock, sq££zed and the door snapped open. “Okay, ma, I understand” she said and hung up. With a smile, she pushed into Chris’ apartment, closing the door behind her. It was good to be back in the country, but better knowing she had an intended. She had never been a fan of family setups, but this was definitely the one setup she couldn’t refuse. Who wouldn’t want to be married to Chris? He was everything a woman wanted and more. Tricia saw a small picture frame of Chris on the wall and walked towards it. Chris was the perfect man, with exceptional looks, body build and height. Of course, who could also overlook his financial stability? Chris, to Tricia was the real deal.

Dropping her purse on the chair, she took a quick inventory of the state of the mini flat. “Neat” this must be a first because she hadn’t really been with a man who kept his space so tidy. Everything was in place, without a speck of dust. Tricia grinned. She seemed to have hit the jackpot. She already had the love of her in-laws; all that was left was the heart of Chris. Motivated, she marched into the kitchen. If she wanted to work her way into Chris’ heart, she needed more than her outstanding beauty and shapely body, she had to match up to his level of perfection.

As she entered the kitchen, a small frown stained her pretty face. The kitchen was well set. He had everything, from microwave to freezer to oven and so on. The perfection was scary. “Ready made man” she muttered with a satisfied smile. She couldn’t believe her luck. Marching forward with extra gusto, she racked her brain for what to cook. She pushed open the freezer and frowned deeply. “You’re kidding” she muttered into the stocked freezer, opening lids to see boiled meat, rice sauce and several things she could not even identify. She closed the freezer and went to the pot seated on the gas cooker, removing the lid. The aroma of well-cooked fried rice rose to her nose and her mouth watered, looking at the well garnished fried rice in the pot. “Perfect! So he is a great cook”. What on earth was she expected to do here? Everything was in place.

Dialing the first number on the call log, she moved a bit of the rice onto a plate and took it to the microwave. Tricia held her phone to her ear with her shoulder, taking out a tempting carrot from the food before putting the plate inside the microwave. “Handsome, buoyant, neat and cooks… no wonder he is not married” she muttered to herself, wondering what else Chris had up his sleeves as the phone rang.

“How is it going?” Mrs. Anayo’s voice penetrated her ear through the phone.
“Bad. You did not tell me he cooks, ma” or was another woman taking care of his meals?
“Oh… yes, a little”

“Little?” Tricia exclaimed. “The person living here has got to be a little less than a chef. How do I convince Chris to marry me when he has everything I could possibly offer him?” the microwave beeped and she took out a steaming plate of fried rice.
“You are a woman, aren’t you?” Mrs. Anayo voiced over the phone. “I’m sure you can think of something. Now, stop talking to me and get creative” the phone went dead and Tricia held it, staring at it in vague surprise. She knew what her future mother-in-law was suggesting and felt a tiny thrill within her. Poking a spoonful of rice into her mouth, she walked out of the kitchen, her mind working on a very good plan.

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