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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Teju entered the small restaurant and adjusted the shawl around her face. She cast a glance around, relaxing when she found no familiar face. Hastily, she walked towards a secluded part of the eatery, sighting the person she came to see.
Composing herself, she made for the table and placed a small dry smile on her face. “Good afternoon sir” she greeted.
Mr Frank Johnson raised his eyes from his phone and smiled at Teju. “Good to see you, my dear”
Teju couldn’t say the same. Frank Johnson inclined his head towards a seat and Teju dropped into a seat, opposite him. “What was so urgent?” he asked.
Teju shifted impatiently. “There is a problem, sir” she mouthed and Frank frowned. “It’s your niece, Tito… I’m afraid she might have found out about that night… and… everything”
Frank Johnson stared at Teju for a prolonged moment, his calculative gaze reading Teju, then he relaxed his back fully on the chair, grabbed his drink and took a long sip. “Tell me everything”

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