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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 36
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Tito hid everything she took from Teju’s apartment inside the wardrobe. She didn’t have the time to go over that now; she was worried sick about Laura. It’s so late into the night yet, there was no trace of Laura. She had called Laura’s office and was told she was out of the office, so where on earth was Laura? “This girl would kill me before my time” Tito lamented as she paced the length of her spacious room, trying Laura’s number for the umpteenth time. It was switched off. D--n it all!

Tito paused as a ray of light flashed into the room. A car was coming into the compound. Dear God! Laura would get it from me today. Furious, Tito slipped into her slippers and pushed the door open. On getting outside, she paused. What on earth was Chris doing there? She frowned deeply as Chris got out of his side and hastened around the car. Only then did she see the person occupying the other seat. Laura. And where was her car? Tito stood frozen as she watched Chris open the other door, trying to bring out a sleeping Laura. What on earth was going on?

“You could give me a hand” Chris muttered as he moved Laura into his arms.
Tito frowned as Laura’s small frame snuggled instinctively against Chris’ broad chest. “You look like you’ve got it all covered” she finally said as her legs unlocked, moving towards them. She took out Laura’s purse from the car just as Chris marched towards her apartment, holding Laura firmly against his chest. Tito slammed the door shut, storming after him. “Care to tell me what you are doing with my cousin?”

“Nothing illegal” Chris got to the door and waited for her to open the door. Holding on to the reigns of her patience, Tito brushed past him and pushed open the door. His faint cologne assaulted her nostrils as he pushed into the room, heading straight for the bed like he had all the right in the world. Tito gritted her teeth. It was the second time Chris had stepped into her room and she absolutely hated it.

Leaving the door open, Tito dropped Laura’s purse on the only small couch in the room as Chris lay Laura gently on the mattress, leaning over her to pull the duvet over Laura. Tito stared at the scene before her, rotating her eyes from Chris to Laura and back as Chris finally straightened. “Should have known” she finally said into the silence, giving Chris a long look.

Chris took his eyes off Laura and stared at Tito. She gave him her usual unblinking glare and it occurred to Chris that he had never seen Tito laughing or in a really joyous state. He wondered if she was even capable of that. Distributing his weight evenly between his two feet, he buried his hands in his pockets. “Okay, before you give me the third degree, I was on my way back from work when I came by your cousin” he explained. “She was in a depressed state when I gave her a lift and forced her to eat something. She managed to eat a small chicken pie and dozed off in the car as I drove her here. Is that information enough for you?”

Tito raised her brow, folding her hands beneath her b0s0m without taking her eyes off Chris. “Where does my car come into this story?”

“The fuel is on red” Chris repeated what Laura had told him. Tito’s penetrating gaze made him feel like he was standing on thin ice. He eyed the open door.

“So…” Tito finally moved, taking a slow trek around the door. “Laura’s marriage hits the rock, she goes off to work in my car and it breaks down, next thing I see is you coming to my apartment with Laura in your arms, how convenient”

Chris frowned. “What are you insinuating?”
“I’m not insinuating anything that isn’t obvious enough” she smiled. “Who can blame Deolu? With friends like you, it is easy to see why he did what he did”
“Friends like me”
“Ladies’ man? Friends who find it convenient to toy with the hearts of gullible women, breaking hearts while keeping theirs unspoiled all in the name of being a player”
Chris frowned. “That’s not me”
“Of course, it is” Tito snapped. “But of course, I don’t expect you to accept it, do I?” She took a deep breath, taking two steps towards Chris as she lowered her voice. “Now, listen to me… Laura has been through enough, your friend has done enough damage as it is. If you know what’s good for you, you would leave my cousin alone”
Tito and Chris stared down each other; neither was ready to back down for the other. It was like two bulls at a pissing contest. Finally, Chris stepped around Tito and stormed out of the apartment. Tito blinked, taking a deep cleansing breath. She turned to look at Laura who slept on the bed and her eyes fell on Chris’ suit jacket still wrapped around Laura’s body. She turned, stalked to the door and slammed it shut.


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