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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 35
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“Oh no…” Teju stared in open-mouthed horror at the state of her room. Everything was in disarray. Her television was bashed in with the shattered glass scattered all over her tiled floor. Everything was overturned. The mattress was out of the bed frame, the bed spread was in ruins, and even her favorite pillow had its guts spilled all over her mattress. I have been burgled, Teju thought in horror.

She took cautions steps inside as a strange cold overtook her. Tip-toing towards the kitchen, she peeped to be sure no one was hiding inside, waiting to slice her throat in half. She swallowed a small panic sound as she did the same for the bathroom. She had the weird thought that she would find a dead body lying in wake, just like she had seen in movies. But nothing and no one was there that was out of place. Releasing a shaky breath, Teju turned to face the horror of her bedroom. Books and papers littered the floor, an exact opposite of what she knew her room to be. Her room was always anything but scattered. Teju’s brain raced through who could have wrecked such havoc. Her immediate instinct was to rush to her neighbours, question and get a bit of information but her eyes caught something hanging behind her television which made her pause.

Cautiously, Teju walked towards her destroyed television with her heart racing in her chest. Please, not a ransom note, she pleaded internally. The only person she had was her mother; she couldn’t afford any more drama in her messy life, right now. Teju extracted the white piece of paper poking out of the back of the TV and read out the boldly written words.

“I don’t make empty promises” the note read, “I have something of yours, squeal and I’d spill the beans”

Teju’s eyes roamed over the words on the piece of paper as her mind raced. “Oh my God! Tito” she had thought Tito was merely bluffing. How wrong she was. Teju became restless as she paced her disheveled room, her eyes still glued to the piece of paper. She had known Tito wasn’t to be toyed with and had always been wary of Laura’s cousin but no way had her subconscious mind predicted something like this. How on earth did Tito break into her apartment? I have grossly underestimated that snake, Teju thought. “Something of mine… something of mine” Teju chanted as she went about the room, wondering what Tito had taken. Her system was surprisingly intact. She had opened her wardrobe, checking her jewelry box for any missing valuable when something snapped in her brain.

Dropping the paper carelessly on the floor, Teju launched towards her small bedside drawer table, pulling out the first drawer. She extracted the file containing her credentials and there she fixed the puzzle… they were all gone. Her heart slammed as her face registered horror. “Oh my…” She froze. Her heart literarily stopped as her brain went on overdrive. A small sound of panic escaped her mouth as she jerked the drawer completely out of the table. “No no no no no…” she chanted as her feverish fingers perused the content of the drawer in frantic search. “Where is it?” her voice shook as she launched at the other drawer, dumping its content on the floor and scattering them with shaky fingers. Tears came to her eyes as she cast her eyes about. She had thought the note referred to her documents but she couldn’t be more wrong. “No, not my diary, no…” she wailed as she gripped her head.

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