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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Tito turned off the car engine and grabbed her phone, staring at the house directly in front of the car. “I can’t believe I came with you”

Tito rolled her eyes and glared at Catherine who looked unsettled. “I didn’t ask you to”. Frankly, Catherine was already frustrating her with her constant badgering.
“Someone has to keep you from doing something stupid”

Tito hissed. “Like you can stop me”
“How do you plan on entering the apartment, madam?” Cat quipped.

Tito picked up some tiny pieces of metal that looked like a lock pick. “Where there is a will, there is a way”

“Or where there is a will, someone dies”
Tito slanted an odd look at Catherine. “As long as Teju is the one being buried, I am fine with that” she pushed open the door of the car and alighted. Catherine did the same, frowning as she moved around to meet Tito.
“Tell me you are not going to do something stupid”

Tito smiled at Catherine. “I am about to teach a b---h a lesson”. She raised her brow. “You should stay here, you have a career to protect” she said and took purposeful strides towards the house.
Catherine closed her eyes for a few seconds, stomping her foot as she rushed after Tito.


Teju got out of the Uber and carried her bag towards herb apartment. She felt so ashamed and dirty. How on earth had she thought of seducing Deolu with everything going on. She was always making things worse. She had the uncanny ability to go in search of trouble even when she had more than enough.

Swallowing, she went straight to her apartment. If she had been in her right frame of mind, she would have noticed the oddity with the door, noticed that it wasn’t locked. but as she pushed open the door, her brain instantly went still she a the door. Blood drained from her face as she stared at the horror before her. “No! Oh no…”

‘Where there is a will, someone dies’ – quote by Phemmy Michael.

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