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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Her eyes blurred, making her stumble slightly. She hadn’t eaten anything all day, not like all week she had eaten enough to keep an ant alive either. Swallowing, she relaxed her back against the car, trying to regulate her thoughts, but then, her eyes caught something not so far away. How odd… how odd that life always chose to torment her.
Locking the doors of the car, she eased her legs into motion with her eyes on the shop just a few paces away. The lights were on and she could see into the shop which had a glassy exterior. After a few lifeless steps, she was in front of the shop, staring in as tears filled her eyes. The tiny clothes swam before her eyes. Baby clothes in different colors and shapes hung beautifully everywhere, bringing more tears to her eyes as she climbed the few steps that led to the door of the baby shop. She pushed the glass door open and stepped in. it had a large interior with so many clothes, shoes and toys hanging around. It was a kids’ boutique and Laura could absently see a few people strolling around, picking things they would like. Laura stood frozen at the entrance as she stared at everything. This was everything she wanted to have but didn’t. if only she had a child, just one child she could shop for… just one child she could dress up in all the finesse she could afford. But no…

Margaret’s words danced in Laura’s head as she stared at the clothes. Margaret was obviously right about everything she said. Maybe she was paying for her disobedience… maybe she should have listened to her dad and married Collins… so far, love hasn’t really paid off.

A shop attendant approached Laura with a blinding smile on her face. “Hello ma” she greeted. “What would you like?”
Laura heard the words but could not muster a response as she stared on and on at the baby things. “We have lovely clothes for girls and boys of any age, you want me to show you around?” the attendant’s face was not as smiley as she registered Laura’s teary state.

Laura shook her head, gripping the car keys in her hand a little tighter. The shop attendant touched Laura’s arm gently and Laura nearly jumped as her eyes snapped to the lady for the first time. The tears in her eyes spilled over, coercing down her cheeks. “Are you okay, ma?” the lady was clearly worried now as she drew closer to Laura.

Laura stared at the lady but could not get a word out as her mouth shook and tears streamed down her face. She nodded and shook her head at the same time as she broke down in sobs. It was all too much for her. “I’m sorry…” she sobbed, “I’m… I’m just hungry” She had never felt so miserable in her entire life. It was like the entire forces of the world were against her.
She faintly heard a familiar voice calling her name but she couldn’t be sure. She felt embarrassed and stupid. She never should have entered the shop and she certainly shouldn’t be crying like an idiot inside someone’s business environment. But she just couldn’t help it. She turned and fled the shop, running as fast as her legs would carry her and as far away from the shop as possible. Her tears came in torrents as she ran and ran until her strength was completely drained. Her legs slowed of their own accord and she crouched, gripping her legs, breathing heavily. Her chest heaved as she wiped tears off her face, fighting to regulate her breathing. Her legs shook as she searched for a place to sit.

Finally calm enough to use her eyes for something asides tears; she sighted a minimart which was obviously still bubbling with life. If there is anything that was peculiar of Lagos, it is that bars almost never have a closing time. She shivered as the cold wind of the night brought goosebumps to her skin. It was a beautiful night and on a normal night, Laura would have enjoyed it but this was definitely not a normal night. Everything was wrong, just like everything in her life right now.

She walked into the bar cautiously, absently noticing the people seated there, chatting away like life was completely itch free, nothing like the circus that hers have now become. The music was moderately loud but the voices of people boomed, disturbing her ears. It was good. Maybe, just maybe it was what she needed to distract her from her thoughts.

Sighing, rubbed her face with her hands again, and hoping there was no trace of tears left. she moved to the bar and sat on the high stool. The bartender smiled at her. “What do you want?”

Laura smiled without mirth. “Like you have what I want”
“Uhn” the bartender didn’t seem to hear her above the noise.

Laura massaged her temples. “Anything”
Laura glared at the confused bartender.
“Water” she heard that familiar voice say before she could utter anything. “The lady would have water”

Laura turned, identifying that voice before she turned to its owner. “Chris” she murmured.
Laura looked at Chris as he approached. He had that familiar smile on his face but even his smile wouldn’t mask the worry clearly visible in his eyes. She hadn’t seen him since he left her anniversary party right before it all came crashing down.
Chris stood beside Laura. “Hey Laura”

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