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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Laura slammed her hand against the horn, honking at the slow driver in front of her as she drove back to Tito’s place.

The headlamp of the car and streetlights provided enough light to see beyond the dark evening at the wide spread of road ahead. Laura’s hands shook feverishly as she held on to the steering wheel. A car honked behind her and she honked back in anger, the person would probably think she was insane but she was beyond caring about irrelevant people who had no idea of what she was going through.

She took one hand off the steering to rub off tears from her eyes. She shook her head. No! she refused to reminisce the incidents that took place today. All she wanted to do was forget… just forget. Tears blurred her eyes again and she dashed her hand across her face, wiping off the tears, just then, the car jerked.

Laura straightened. The car jerked again and she frowned deeply. “What the heck” she gasped, trying to control the wheel, not knowing exactly what was wrong… then she saw it. “Oh no… please no” she m0aned in complete horror as she stared at the dashboard of the car, her focus on the fuel gauge. “You must be kidding me” as if all her problems were not enough, she had to be stranded on the road at night with the fuel on red.

Laura could barely maneuver the car to the side of the road before it gave its final cough. She slammed her fists on the wheel over and over again and pain shut up her wounded arm. Tears burned in her eyes but she held them at bay. She was done crying for one day. Anger and anxiety took over her as she stared at the darkness ahead. Cars zoomed by and several shops were closed, but typical of Lagos, so many shops were still open. She had no idea where her phone was, she couldn’t remember using her phone for the past few days. She opened the door of the car and alighted, slamming the door in anger. “Great” she yelled with misery written all over. “Just great” she gasped in exhaustion.

Taking a moment, she regulated her breathing as she looked around, hoping for a bike. She had not listened to Tito at all. She had warned her about the fuel but she had completely neglected that important piece of information, just as she had taken so many things for granted in her life.

How could life be so unfair? She was too tired for this. Swallowing, she started walking by the road. She knew Tito’s place wasn’t too far away but still, she looked around, hoping for a bike. She was too drained; she’d pass for a very dry piece of paper. She didn’t think her legs could carry her weight for much longer.

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