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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 3
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She’s pregnant!
The words echoed loud and clear, repeating itself over and over again in Laura’s head as her mother-in-law’s eyes rested disdainfully on her.

Laura’s throat contrasted painfully as she stared, not comprehending anything at all. “F… For who?” she choked, staring at everyone like they had all gone insane. They must all be mad, or she was mad but definitely, someone needed psychiatric attention here.
“Are you deaf as well as daft? Teju is carrying my grandchild” Mrs Aderigbe smiled cheerily. “Deolu’s child”
Laura gasped as the blow sent her staggering backwards. She covered her quivering mouth with her shaking fingers as her eyes involuntarily settled on Teju’s stomach. Dead silence descended heavily. Everyone had their eyes on Laura, who seemed to have expired on her two feet. Laura gasped continuously as the words replayed in her head over and over again. She couldn’t feel, she couldn’t think; she could only hear the words that pierced through her heart like an arrow.

Laura stared wide-eyed at Teju’s flat belly, like it was an object of rare fascination. Tears blurred her eyes, thoughts clouded her mind, pain stabbed at her heart till it became almost unbearable. She closed her mouth against the strangled sob trying to break through as tears flooded her eyes.

Deolu looked shattered, his pain visibly written on his face. He couldn’t move close to Laura. How could he touch her after the magnitude of what he’d done? His worst fear had just come to pass, and at such an auspicious day in their lives. The pain he saw in the eyes of the woman he had loved forever felt like acid to his intestines, eating at his conscience. How did he let this happen? How did he manage to hurt the one he had vowed to love so deeply?

Laura’s hand slipped away from her mouth, falling lifelessly at her sides. Tears rolled down her shocked face as she turned her head inch by inch in Deolu’s direction. Her flooded eyes settled on Deolu, looking straight at him as tears coerced down her cheeks like the tide of a mighty river.

“She is… pregnant?” her voice small and lifeless drifted to Deolu’s ears, causing his heart to sq££ze painfully.
He swallowed, unable to meet her gaze as he took a small cautious step towards her. “Laura…”

“Is it true?” Laura yelled suddenly as her eyes went wild. “You had an affair with her? You slept…” her voice broke “… you slept with her? With… with Teju?” she murmured in shock as tears rolled down her cheek. “With your… best friend?” Deolu swallowed, unable to speak. Laura’s chest heaved as she stared from Teju’s stomach to Deolu’s guilt stricken face. “You knew… you knew she was…” her voice caught and broke “… pregnant?” she completed silently as the last of her strength threatened to slip out of her.

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